The Power Of Affirmations

Bootstrap – Positive Affirmations

For Manifesting The Law Of Attraction

Most people are not aware that every thought we think and every word we speak is birthing our future.
Thoughts have a way of going out into the world and coming back as actual experience.
It may seem a little bit weird but just try smiling and you will see what it means.
But if you can really accept the fact that every time you think a thought and every time you speak a word you are literally painting your future and creating your own life then you are halfway there.
This is simple but not easy to accept but once you accept it then you can start to deliberately create what you want from life as you begin to be aware of what you don’t want in your life and how you are contributing to it.
Most of us just think, think, think and we don’t pay much attention to what it is we are actually thinking about.
You need to train yourself to be aware of what you’re thinking and one of the ways to do that is to periodically ask yourself “what am I thinking”.
Would I like this thought to create my life, would I like to have the experience that this thought could bring me.
It takes a while to do that but even if we can begin on the smallest level to be aware of our thinking we can start to make changes.
At the beginning this can be very hard for people because they think of all the things that are wrong with them but if you can start your day by thinking positively it is very powerful.
The universe is listening and will figure out how best to manifest reality for that.
It will work out how to bring that about in your life and things will begin to happen.
Think of doing your affirmations as the equivalent to planting a seed in the ground.

It may not be true at the moment but it is something that you want to be true.
So when you plant the seed you can’t expect the seed to grow in just two days but the seed has been planted nonetheless.
There is a law and a process and it will inevitably grow sooner or later.
Making a habit of doing your affirmations every day or listening to a self help recording is equivalent to planting that seed.
The best times for doing your affirmations are when you’ve just woken up or before you go to bed.
Gratitude goes a long way to rewarding your spirit, the universe loves gratitude, the more you are grateful for the good that is in your life the more good you get to be grateful about.
Never forget that the universe loves gratitude and what goes around comes around.
One of the most powerful set of affirmations you can ever repeat to yourself is the law of attraction statements that bootstrap belief in the subconscious mind that it IS the creator.

Whatever you think about and believe will ultimately become the reality you experience.

Using positive law of attraction affirmations to reprogram your thought patterns from the bottom up ensures positive beliefs are held deeply and consistently within your subconscious mind until they become reality.