Affirmations For Addictions And Negative Habits

I stop my addiction to caffeine today.
I am free from obsessions and addictions of all.
I easy refuse drugs of any kind.
In this moment I choose to remain free of.
I easily steer clear of smoking and second-hand smoke.
I release any judgments about smokers and addicts.
It’s fun to be sober.
It’s okay to be sober when others are not.
programs work well for me.
I now have a healthy attitude about alcohol.
I abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages.
I have chosen to relinquish alcohol.
I enjoy the taste of fruit and vegetable juices.
I drink seltzer water when in a bar situation.
I’m now free from any eating disorder.
I’m now free from using caffeine-laden foods and drinks.
Support groups are helpful and I find just the.
There are ways to have fun and I choose.
I have the determination necessary to be free of.
I have the determination necessary to be free of.
Any drugs I have taken in my past I.
I am free from grinding my teeth.
I’m free from all temptations to do addictive substances.
Biting my nails is part of my past and.
I am free of any nervous habits.
I choose out of negative habits.
It’s my choice to be free of cigarettes.
The addiction to cigarettes has left my consciousness.
Chain-smoking is a habit from which I am now.
I release any compulsive and addictive habits.
Swearing is part of my past and I release.
I am now free from the need or desire.
Choosing to stop smoking is a decision I’ve made.
I have the right to be smoke-free.
I choose smoke-free partners easily.
I train my children regarding nicotine and other drugs.
Old negative habits are easily discarded by me.
I now easily visualize myself as a non-smoker.
I’m free from letting my old habits reappear.
I now release my old habit of wasting time.
I’m now free from the desire to drink and.
I’ve given up the need to be lazy.
I’ve given up the need to be overly busy.
I give up the habit of talking too much.
Overworking is a part of my past and I.
I’ve decided to quit whining today and from now.
I relinquish any unconscious negative habits.
I am free from any thought of ever taking.
I’m now free from the desire to take drugs.
I choose to be free from the desire to.
The desire to drink alcohol appeals to me less.
I choose to remain free from alcohol’s influence.
It’s now time for me to end my period.
I’m free from effects of cigarettes tobacco and smoke.
I appreciate the lack of smoke I now have.

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