Affirmations For Action

All my actions support my dreams.
All of my actions reflect my intentions.
All of my actions support my goals.
By taking positive actions, I bring more positive results into my life.
Each day I do one new thing to improve the quality of my life.
Every day I take goal-directed actions.
Every action I take increases my motivation.
Every action I take moves me closer to my goal.
Every activity I perform is in accordance with the commitment to my goals.
Every day I take positive action towards my goals.
Every day, without fail, I move closer to my goals.
Every positive action I take accelerates my progress.
Every positive action I take creates fantastic new opportunities for me.
Every positive action I take leads to greater and greater success.
Everything I do supports my desires for the future.
Everything I do takes me closer to my dreams.
I accept complete responsibility for my actions.
I accept that I don’t need to know everything in order to make a start.
I act on all inspirations as they are received.
I act on every opportunity that comes my way.
I act purposefully and make things happen.
I act right now like the person I dream of becoming.
I always know what needs to be done, and get to doing it right away.
I always know which actions will return the greatest benefits.
I always take action when needed.
I am always motivated to take positive action.
I am always moving forward in my life.
I am always ready to jump into action.
I am committed to putting 100% effort into my goals.
I am completely dedicated to doing everything it takes to reach my highest potential.
I am creating a great future for myself right now.
I am inspired to take action every day.
I am now taking positive action towards the results I want.
I am prepared and ready to get to work.
I am productive at all times.
I am ready to do whatever it takes to make my dream a reality.
I am successful because I get things done.
I can be depended upon to take action when action is needed.
I constantly and passionately take action towards achieving my goals.
I continually look for ways to accomplish more each day.
I control my life by the positive actions I take.
I dare to put my mind, emotions and actions to work for what I want in my life.
I demonstrate my commitment through my actions.
I demonstrate my commitment through the actions I take.
I direct all my energy towards positive actions.
I do right now what needs to be done.
I do the difficult, unpleasant tasks first, so that everything else seems fun and easy.
I eagerly anticipate the positive outcomes of the actions I take every day.
I empower my dream by directing all my thoughts and actions towards its manifestation.
I empower myself to action by displaying visual images that support my goals.
I enjoy getting things done!
I ensure that I am always moving towards my dream.
I ensure that I spend time working on each goal every day.
I ensure that I take daily action towards my goals.
I ensure that my thoughts, words and actions are always congruent.
I feel totally invigorated by each positive action I take.
I get things done.
I have written down the actions needed to reach my goals.
I honor all my intentions by acting on them daily.
I keep an ongoing to-do list and work through it daily.
I know exactly what I need to do in order to achieve my goals.
I know exactly what I want to accomplish today.
I know that actions always speak louder than words.
I know that gains are only made by continually moving forward.
I know that it takes action to change one’s life.
I know that now is the only time to move towards my dreams.
I know that results are but a positive action away.
I know that taking purposeful action is the only way to move forward.
I know that the only time for action is the present.
I know that the sooner I get started, the sooner I will see results.
I know that the sooner I start a task, the sooner it will be completed.
I know what I have to do every day to take me closer to my goal.
I know what I want and take specific actions to make it happen.
I know what steps are required to achieve my most important goal.
I love getting things done!
I love the feeling of crossing another job off my to-do list.
I make every action an efficient action.
I move forwards at all times.
I only spend energy on empowering actions.
I pledge to take action towards my goals every day.
I relentlessly work towards my dream.
I remain focused in the present, and everything gets done one task at a time.
I see the value of my daily actions because they are an integral part of my plan.
I set lots of productive tasks for myself today.
I take action towards my goals daily.
I take charge of my life by taking positive actions to improve it.
I take determined action towards my goals.
I take positive actions every day to move closer to my dream.
I talk less and do more.
I think less and take action more.
I transform my thoughts into reality by taking positive action.
I turn every intention into action.
I use the power of music to propel me into action.
I work towards my dream at all times.
I write down the steps required to reach my goals, and work towards their completion.
My daily positive actions move me closer and closer to my dream.
My positive thoughts fill my life with positive action.
My thoughts and actions create my reality.
My words and actions are increasingly in agreement.
My words and actions determine who I become.
Now is the perfect time to start moving towards my goals.
Right now, I am doing what is most important to my plans for the future.
Through intelligent action, I now create the circumstances I desire.
Today and every day, I choose to carefully plan my daily activities.
Today, I am taking deliberate action towards accomplishing my goals.
Today I honor my intentions with focused action.
Today I joyfully take one new step toward my heart’s desire.
Today I take one more step forward towards my dream.
When something needs to be done, I act immediately.
When something needs to be done, I do it.
When the impulse is there, I act!
When things need doing, I get down to business.

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