Subliminal Affirmations

Positive First Person Statements As If They Already Existed

Magically Birth Into Existence Your Future

Affirmations are a way of speaking to your self positively.

As if the very thing you state has already happened.

Statements of positive intent for the future.

They are often used when you have detected you are practicing negative self talk.

By repeating such affirmations, you are affirming to your SELF, an alternative way of thinking.

Eventually, these new thoughts, over power the old ones and you are left with a more positive and empowering outlook on life.

Some call this the law of attraction, because the law of attraction states that what you most focus on, you will attract into your life.

Others call it manifesting, because we seem to manifest into reality what our heart desires, by simply thinking about it constantly.

Whatever label you put on it, we appear to have an uncanny ability to materialize what we want in our life, by vividly imagining and repeating statements about ourselves as if they already existed.

Some theorist think that the power of the mind is responsible, as if it is somehow able to influence our surroundings, by attracting the people and things we need most to bring our desires to fruition.

However, as with all mind power tricks, it needs a firm belief on the part of the person reciting the affirmations to ACT on the circumstances that might conspire to help us in our quest.

Then it seems, that the universe moves too and all sorts of incredible and fantastic things that might not otherwise have happened, come rushing in to assist us.

If you have a dream or want to achieve more success in your life, then begin your journey now.

If you are ready to ACT then there is no better time than NOW!

The journey of co-creation of your destiny!

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