The Power Of Repetition

Affirmations & Repetition

Unleash The Giant Within Using Subliminal Audio

A powerful technique and an often underestimated tool in penetrating the Human mind.

It is the reason advertisers use it in their campaigns to persuade us to become familiar with and eventually accept and buy their products.

Somewhat akin to indoctrination or brainwashing, repeating something often enough can break through the conscious minds barriers and become accepted by the subconscious mind.

Repeating something helps to embed a message or send a signal of programming and if this repeated enough it is eventually accepted as the truth.

When an ad is entertaining we pay attention and that is good but even when we turn away or only listen in the background it still does its insidious work of penetrating our being.

We all know how repetition can help us to memorize or help study material we need to know.

It is without a doubt the most powerful method for ingraining some form of programming into the brain.

Ads are continuously repeated to us many times over even political campaigns resort to such tactics in an effort to sway the masses into submission.

News channels also participate in the same tactics in an effort to convey the message that they want you to absorb repeating themselves – endlessly.

Constantly reinforcing the opinion that reflects the channels bias in any particular direction.

The more something is repeated even when it isn’t necessarily true the more it is ingrained in our conscious and perceived as the reality or truth.

Described by many as the illusion of truth, the easier the message is to understand the chances are it will eventually be accepted as truth.

We are all products of what we consistently focus our minds on and now we have the power and the tools at our disposal to reprogram our minds for the better!

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