Subliminal Messages In Advertising

The Art And Intent Of Subliminal Messages In Advertising

Subliminal Advertisers are out to persuade you and convince you.
They want to encourage impulse buying of their products and slowly train you to love their brand.
Find out the shocking truth and how they achieve this through the media, all while using subliminal manipulation techniques.
It is all around us.
Many advertisers sole intent is to have consumers buy their products and many use a technique known as subliminal manipulation in order to achieve this.
This is done by tapping into people’s inherent interest and obsession for sex.
By using sexual imagery and embedding words or symbols into their advertisements the relationship between the product and the drive to want sex is distorted and the lines blurred.

You may or may not have noticed but most of the time there is almost always something of a sexual nature occurring within any advert you come across.
They are constantly bombarding us with the ideal image of a man or women, constantly throwing something of a sexual nature at us to grab our attention in the hopes that we are driven enough and focused enough on wanting to buy whatever it is they have to sell.

They tap into our basic instinctual drive for sex and this inevitably results in an increase in sales.

This method for selling is widespread and occurs every single day, if you take a closer look around you, you will begin to notice it more than ever, something that perhaps up until this point you may have probably ignored.

For some great examples of this take a look at our subliminal images ads.

Take the largest selling video game of all time Tomb Raider for example, is it just a coincidence that Lara Croft had larger than life breasts or was this intentional and the sole purpose to grab young teenagers and lure them into wanting their product?

Playboy themselves are also guilty of using sex as a platform for selling, for years they used sex to increase and grab the attention of the consumer.

Hugh Hefner knew very well early on that it would take more than just a great magazine with great content to sell, the fact that he had beautiful women posing for his magazine every single month wasn’t a coincidence but rather intentional and a great way to self-market the magazine. (word of mouth)

Car manufacturers use this technique often and we are reminded all the time that by buying a car we can significantly increase our chances of meeting the right women and so this is almost always depicted in nearly every single car advertisement ever made, if not blatantly obvious, at least subtly.
So it is understood that sex sells and it is that which is the driving force of life, driving us to want and desire the things we don’t actually need.
One of our most basic instincts and one which controls most of our behavior even if it is often covert and hidden – is sex.

Armed with this knowledge, advertisers can and do tap into our basic instincts for pleasure, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

They try to present their products to us framed within this core desire.

Adverts not only familiarize us with their product through repletion and exposure but can also seek to instill a connection with our inbuilt subconscious deep-rooted motivations for life fulfillment – sex.

As an example, let us take a look at a typical cigarette advertisement that was used many years ago which does exactly all those things at once.

The text is obviously a play on sexual innuendo but it also comes across as mildly funny at the same time. A nice blend of overt sexuality as well as a witty play on words which creates a lighthearted approach to allow better acceptance of the message.

The girl is attractive and seems ready for bed. The man is sharing his imminent conquest with us the viewer.

This creates and feeds into our hidden desire for sex as well as making us party to the conquest.

However, the words of the ad speak about the innuendo of getting ‘crushed’ with your ‘soft pack’ as a metaphorical reference to most men’s fear of not being able to perform in bed.

This is linked to the ‘hard pack’ as a way of alluding to the fact that smoking will make you more of a man and more able to perform or be hard when the time is required.

If there was any possibility of misinterpretation then there is a secret hidden image within the image to dispel any such possibility.

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