The Conscious Mind

What Makes Us Human

The Thinking Brain

Humans are at the top of the evolutionary chain.

They have evolved over countless thousands of years to have the largest most fully developed brain of any species on the planet.

First there was the reptilian brain, then the mammalian brain and now our latest development – the thinking brain has become self aware and conscious.

Our consciousness is what sets us apart from the animals.

It is the ability to be aware not only of our surroundings but also of ourselves.

This unique attribute is a by-product of evolutions strive for survival through better decision making.

Our conscious minds are meaning seeking machines which can process huge amounts of data in pursuance of our aim to survive and flourish.

Collecting information through our five and some say more senses the neocortex is able to filter, sort and apply logic in such a manner as to provide us with what we call mind and intelligence.

It truly is a miracle of evolutionary creation and has given rise to man’s thirst for communication, knowledge and even the longing for belonging.

As a meaning seeking machine the conscious mind interprets EVERYTHING before passing on inputs to the lower levels of the brain.

It tests new input with logic and reference against memories of events, meanings and outcomes it has experienced before.

It’s job in seeking to protect and provide for us is to guard the door as it were before allowing information though.

It filters the gigabits of data flowing into our brains at any given moment and sifts through the mundane, the unimportant and processes what is important and new or may be of use for survival in the future.

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