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Subliminal Self Persuasion

There are many ways to bring about self help.

Various techniques exist that allow a person to substantially alter their behavior by modifying their thought processes which in turn bring about change in how they act.

Affirmations, hypnosis, NLP and subliminal messages are amongst the most popular methods, mainly because they are cost effective and don’t necessarily require visiting a practitioner.

One such way is by using subliminal programming or self help subliminals.

Basically subliminal messages are affirmations sent below the threshold of awareness.

Affirmations are first person positive statements of fact as if they already exist.

For example ‘I am happy’

By doing this repeatedly a person is able to expose themselves to statements i.e. thoughts, without the usual rejection.

Objections based on boredom or non-belief about the statement are removed.

Eventually the statements are excepted by the subconscious as truth and the person who was not happy before becomes happy.

It sounds simple and it is, but of course as with everything there are complications.

Many people reject these statement as ‘untrue’ and stop listening or ‘forget’ to listen.

What was a great idea becomes a ‘waste of time’.

Subliminal audio recordings are a way to overcome these objections and allow the person to guarantee their exposure to such positive statements or affirmations embedded in the recording as subliminal messages.

This technique can be used to reprogram various aspects of behavior including such things as:

Self Help
Phobias & Fears
Anxiety & Panic Attacks
Bad Habits & Impulsive Behavior

Personal Growth
Boasting Self Esteem & Confidence
Improving Concentration & Memory
Activating & Enhancing Personal Skills

If you are interested in overcoming internal thought patterns that hold you back and want to find a way to change how you think then you should look more closely at the possibility of using self help subliminals as
part of your self growth and personal development strategy.

The future, your future, is not set but is there for you to mold and shape to your liking.

Start today to take control of how you think, act and ultimately what you receive from life.

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