Mind Control

How Mass Media Influences You

Tapping Into Your Impulse Nature

The Secrets Behind Subliminal Messages That Advertisers & Media Creator’s DON’T Want YOU To Know!
Definition Of Subliminal Messages

Subliminal messages are the transmission and implanting of communication through covert means so that the individual has no conscious perception.


Subliminal refers to the fact that they are designed to by-pass the filter of the conscious mind. To pass unnoticed by the receiver. Sub means below and Liminal means threshold.


The message refers to the actual communication. What is communicated differs depending on the intent of the person broadcasting the message.

Humans are in possession of a complex organ that comprises of three brains (reptillian, mammalian and neo-cortex) and two minds (conscious and subconscious).

Although the conscious mind seems to be in control, much of our behavior is in fact instinctual and unconscious.

Those seeking to control the minds of the masses use the media to propagate their message by tapping into this non-conscious influence in our lives.

This can be used to manipulate everything from social norms to preference for brands.

It’s power is often underestimated.

In fact almost all of your daily inputs are in some way fostering within you an opinion or desire for something that otherwise you may not want.


Marketers seek to sell products. Utilizing your irrational decision making based on emotive forces they can engender trust, notions of validity and preference for one brand over another or even illicit desires not consciously held.


News outlets although declaring themselves impartial push their own political point of view.


The advent of TV and movies has allowed the transmission of new ideas set to change social norms or to foster new attitudes and beliefs in the population at large.

The latest research show that these techniques work and that if anything they are set to increase and be more persuasive in the future.


Subliminal messages have the potential to be used in mass media to subliminally prime and manipulate people’s perception about values and preferences about almost anything.

From political views to preferred brands, from enhancing desires to magnifying fears.

Triggering emotional reactions are used by those in the know to illicit predictable reactions which favor them.

The world is a power structure and the rich constantly strive to keep the poor sedated so that they never realize that they are in fact controlled politically, socially and financially.

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