Subliminal Manipulation

Real Subliminal Influence & Persuasion Is Not Hidden

It Is All Around Us – In Broad Daylight!

Most people think that subliminal messages are all about flashing still images at 50-Hz a second within a movie or masking a vocal audio track with background music so that the embedded vocal messages cannot be heard. But this is only one aspect of subliminals. There is a far more powerful way to persuade people and it is completely out in the open.

The real secret subliminal messages are all around us – and all of the time. Perfectly visible and totally overt. They use symbols, fonts and type-faces, shapes, sizes, colors and even smells to subtly embed clever messages that either appeal to our instincts or create learned responses through familiarity.

The truth is we can be manipulated without us even knowing it and in broad daylight!

Reading this, you may never see the world in the same way again. If you think you are willing to open your perception and are ready to truly begin to see the ways we are subtly manipulated every moment of our lives then continue.

What you are about to read is a secret and almost revolutionary because it will give you the key for the first time to perceive with the conscious mind what the unconscious mind has been seeing since you were born.

Those who really know the truth about how subliminal persuasion works, manipulate us everyday into perceiving the world as they want us to see it.

They use some fundamental attributes of humans to easily turn us into whatever they want us to be.

To think what they want us to think and to want the things they want us to want.

Those fundamental attributes are these:

We have two minds – a conscious and a subconscious. The job of the conscious mind is to evaluate and filter information. The job of the subconscious is to store the information that has been allowed though by the conscious mind. Each has its specific role and each is not good at what the other does. That is – the subconscious cannot filter information and the conscious cannot store information for long.

More importantly it is possible to bypass the conscious minds analytical and critical filters.

All human behavior is either based on instincts or on learned responses. Both instinctual and deeply embedded learned responses can illicit emotions. Emotions have the power to suspend rational thought. This is especially true when we are under stress i.e. tired, bored, confused or otherwise emotionally charged.

Knowing these fundamental characteristics of humans – if it were possible to bypass the conscious filters and go directly to the subconscious mind we could have a very useful tool that could be used to bring about change in a way someone behaves – for good or for bad.

Subliminal stimuli is defined as something that is SUB (below) LIMINAL (threshold). Literally below the threshold of the conscious mind. Anything that your not consciously aware of but that effects you in someway is subliminal.

It can effect the way you feel about a certain product or even effect how you feel about a certain person and has the potential and ability to effect how you see or think about something.

By using subtle cues such as color, shapes, sizes and symbols it is possible to impart a feeling or impression about something that is not overtly recognized but is there none the less.

A good example of this is when something is perceived better when bigger then its size may be slightly enhanced e.g. burger posters usually shows quite exaggerated burger sizes.

Colors are enhanced and fonts that convey subliminal feelings of trust or hygiene or popular and modern are used to gain more acceptance of products and branding.

Similarly when smaller is better that is used as well. A good example is the new coke can which is slimmer and taller thereby imparting a notion of modernness as well as sleekness. It is no coincidence that women’s cigarettes are usually much slimmer and usually have white filters with a small slim gold band around the base.

However, the real secret or key to subliminal manipulation is the power of repetition.

Repetition wears down the conscious minds ability to filter out the same input again and again and eventually it gives up trying to do so – allowing direct access into the subconscious.

Constant repetition creates a false familiarity which in turn becomes an acceptance and acceptance soon becomes a belief.

Its the reason advertisers push adverts so hard. To gain the repetition required to create brand or product familiarity and eventually acceptance.

It’s the reason when your tired or confused by price differentials you reach for that well known brand of washing powder – quite irrationally.

But as they say familiarity breeds contempt. That is also the reason that ads have campaigns that run there allotted course and are then shelved.

Until another novel and interesting way to convey their message is dream’t up – allowing them further exposure e.g. sponsoring cultural or sporting events!

Thus by these means the masses can be controlled by the elite to do their bidding. The elite control us not with money but with ideas. They control our thoughts and our minds.

Isn’t it time you laid down your own map, your own blueprint of how you should see and perceive the world around you – use this same technology to create your own beliefs, for your own benefit and for the first time be the person in control of there own destiny!

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