Subliminal Messages In Disney Movies

Hidden Sexual Messages Found In Disney Movies

The Real Truth Behind The Disney Subliminal Messages Scam

Is Disney Guilty Of Hiding Manipulative And Often Seedy Subliminal Messages In Your Favorite Disney Movies?
Disney movies and cartoons epitomize childhood and are associated warmly for most people with the innocence of youth. So when allegations that these productions may contain overt or covert sexual imagery or subliminal messages it is of serious concern to not only parents but also to the public at large.

But there seems to be no simple answer to the question. Yes, there do seem to be isolated instances of hidden sexual or subliminal content but no more than could be ascribed to possible chance, seeing what one wants to see or perhaps the occasional disaffected employee or bored pranksters tampering with the product.

Yet on further investigation there may be a much deeper and perhaps even more sinister motivation for the sometimes obvious ‘right in front of your eyes’ subliminal stimulus or programming that many of Disney’s stories seem to reveal through their clever use of subconscious plots and props aided by the subtle use of colors, symbols, and dialogues.

In our discovery of the controversy over whether Disney does indeed try to subtly program people and especially young children we need to maintain an open mind for both sides of the argument whilst keeping both our inner and outer eye open and not shut wide.

Ever since the first supposed subliminal messages were found in a Disney production the controversy over whether such things exist has raged on.

It was argued that with tough competition from the likes of Dreamworks and Pixar, Disney Incorporated had resorted to embedding blatant subliminal sexual content in an effort to raise ratings.

And this notwithstanding that the majority of its viewers were young innocent children.

Supposedly by using sexual “hidden” messages in their movies, Disney is subscribing to the notion that sex sells – irrespective of the possible damage done to young children.

The argument goes that Disney corrupts the youth of children and influences the minds of teenagers by releasing such questionable material such as for example Aladdin, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid and The Rescuers.

Below we give you examples of the accusations that have been mentioned in the news, magazines or on the Internet.

In the film, Aladdin is apparently heard to say “Good teenagers, take off your clothes”. The director, however, said, “we did not record that, we would not record that.” And that the line was “Good tiger, take off and go…” with the word “tiger” overlapped by Rajah’s snarl. Also, after the word tiger, a second voice can be heard which perhaps was accidentally grafted onto the soundtrack. Because of the controversy, Disney removed the line on the DVD release.

The Lion King
There is a segment when Simba raises a cloud of dust which forms the letters S-E-X, with each letter fading as the next becomes clear. Michael Rhoades, who commented for Disney stated the scene simply shows “swirling dust in the night sky, seeing anything in The Lion King other than a good wholesome family film is purely perception,”.

The Little Mermaid
In the wedding scene of this film, the bishop has a mysterious bulge which is actually the bishop’s knee but there is a resemblance to an erection.

The Rescuers
In January of 1999, Disney recalled the home video version of their 1977 animated feature The Rescuers because it contained a “questionable background image”. A photographic image of a topless woman can be seen at the window of a building in the background at around 0:19.

Apparently, it was inserted into the movie on purpose and the tampering “was done more than 20 years ago”), reputedly not by any of their animators, but was inserted during the post-production process. The company decided to recall 3.4 million copies of the video “to keep our promise to families that we can trust and rely on the Disney brand to provide the finest in family entertainment”.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Jessica is shown in slow motion to not be wearing any undergarments. Although sex sells it is ridiculous to ascribe a scene of Jessica Rabbit flashing that she was not wearing any knickers under her skirt, to the video being sold out in many stores. It is much more likely that people who live for this type of scrutiny towards a company that is as successful as Disney will seek and find as many instances of mistakes, mischievous or disgruntled artists or just plain misconception as possible.

Mistake, Mischief Or Misperception
There is no doubt that either through mistake, mischief or misperception that some Disney productions contain some apparently unexplained sexual content. It is also true that Disney Movies have reportedly fired a number of engineers and writers possibly responsible for such inclusions. But rather than incriminating Disney, this really only goes to show that Disney takes this type of thing very seriously and is prepared to take some responsibility for the actions of others in their employ. However, this does not mean that they were responsible or even took part in such shady practices. This is especially true when you realize there is a much bigger prize or hidden agenda to pursue.

There is great controversy about whether Disney productions contain subliminal messages – but the real truth is more astonishing than you could ever imagine! There may be some inadvertent sexual subliminal messages in Disney films and cartoons – but the real subliminal message is much deeper and is right in front of your eyes.

For the first time EVER we uncover and reveal the real truth and the real subliminal messages contained within Disney movies and cartoons.

In reality, you need to ask yourself would a company as big and as reliant on the younger segment of the market as Disney is, risk such an absurd strategy as this. The answer, of course, is NO. It just doesn’t make any sense – commercially!

And that especially when the real subliminal message in such productions is much more subtle and is aimed at a much more important motivation – maintaining the status quo.

People have the ability to literally believe in anything – especially if you tell them enough times. Real subliminals are right in front of your eyes – and you will never know they are there – and you don’t need to. Like a magic trick their power is diminished the moment you know how the trick is done.

The real Disney subliminal message is the story itself. The plots. The clever use of colors and symbols. The inherent power structures that are taken as a norm. The real subliminal trick is that you don’t see it – at all.

The world is controlled and manipulated by those who have stolen long ago the peoples land and have relatively recently gained control of the peoples right to print their own money. Instead, the land is now owned by a few and the right of the nation (people’s right) to print there own money has been lost to private individuals who have gained massive personal wealth through these constructs. Together with the concept of debt that has indoctrinated us into believing we live in a world of scarcity.

The reality is we live in a world of plenty but we must never know that otherwise, the very system that keeps them at the top and US AT THE BOTTOM WOULD COLLAPSE.

So with that personal wealth, they now have bought and controlled the mass media so as to keep and maintain that wealth. Stories are selected that keep the masses in line and subtly brainwashed and manipulated into being cogs in the machine of wealth creation for the few.

If you really want to know if Disney Subliminal Messages are true then you need first to open your mind to how the real world works. Only then will you be in a position to evaluate whether the supposed examples of sexual subliminal or hidden images in Disney are real or fake – put there by mistake or design by a few disgruntled employees.

Ultimately this is an opportunity for you to see the real subliminal manipulation of the masses. Rather than some red herring that blinds you from the wood with the trees. You must not only want to know the truth but you must also be prepared to see the truth for what it is.

Magicians are good at misdirection – so are the elite – its time to know the truth! The truth is – its all a red herring. Meant to take your attention away from the real issues which are control and power and the people who wield that power.

Ask yourself why Disney would do such a thing. Ask yourself why would a multi-million-pound empire based on children’s entertainment risk sabotaging its consumer customer base. Especially when that risks the real and more important message.

The conclusion is clear – people when they want can read into and see things wherever they want.

Together with perhaps a few mischievous cartoonist who out of boredom or discontentment placed a few racy images for a joke or otherwise and who never thought in their wildest dreams would be picked up, the case against Disney is unsubstantial and while we all debate the possibilities the real subliminal message goes unnoticed but not unheeded.

Without us even being aware we all take our children to watch the latest Disney Productions unknowingly indoctrinating them into the way the world really works and their real place in the matrix of wealth and power forced upon us by the few.

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