Subliminal Pro™ Silent Subliminal Audio Technology

Subconscious Programming frequency

Concentration Not Required – Play In Background – While Sleeping – Relaxing or Working

No special equipment needed. Any CD home player, Walkman, stereo, mono earphones, mobile android device, pillow speakers, O.K.

Educators all agree – the key to any learning strategy is repetition. Repetition of the information that we wish to learn or absorb.

Imagine you could reprogram your mind without the boredom of hearing constant repetitions of the conditioning you want to achieve. Imagine you switch on your audio device player wherever you are and listen to information all day long and all night without getting bored, simply because you can’t hear it.

However, your subconscious can.

You don’t need to pay attention, you can go about your daily tasks, relax or even go to sleep.

This system broadcasts recorded information directly to your subconscious without the need to hear what is being said.

Silent Technology™ utilizes the ability of the subconscious to hear what the conscious cannot, to offer an effective and powerful new way to communicate with our inner-selves. You can now go about your day and be sure that you are receiving your daily dose of re-programming or learning.

Silent Technology™

This patented revolutionary technology allows YOUR subconscious brain to hear while YOUR conscious brain hears NOTHING.

Lowery Patent 5,159,703

A normal human voice sonogram ranges from 70-5,000Hz with peaks into 10,000Hz

Spectra of the above normal voice

This is what happens if we transform the voice in the higher audio portions. The output is a modulated, single side band, suppressed carrier signal at 14,500 Hz

And this is the spectra of the transformed voice. Red line marks the carrier frequency (14,500 Hz).

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