Self Help & Subliminal Persuasion

The Science Behind Subliminal Stimuli

Subliminal Persuasion is used to evoke the viewer or listener to be influenced by the message that is presented to them, the transmission of that message is auditory or visual and is so subtle as to be undetected by the recipient.

The call to action is received subconsciously.

We all adopt negative self-talk throughout our lives. Especially when we are young. Often this negative self-talk can seriously inhibit or restrict our success in life.

If sufficiently ingrained it can even create negative physical conditions. Trying to replace this self-talk with better ways of speaking to ourselves internally is what subliminal messages and subliminal audio is all about.

The Human Operating System

We are all products of our biological programming and environmental conditioning. Usually, this programming and conditioning is beneficial for us. But sometimes it is not. Just like with a computer, sometimes things get corrupted and malfunction. When this happens we need to do a scan and if necessary a reboot. Subliminal suggestions are one of the ways to bypass our running programs and access our inner operating system. Getting to the root of the problem by modifying our inner thoughts and mindset.

Free Will Vs Instinct

Many of us believe we have free will.

That much of what we do is OUR choice.

However, this is patently not true.

Think about it for a moment.

Do you choose to sleep, eat, drink or procreate? You may have some control over WHEN you do those things but you have little control over IF you do those things.

The reality is this.

Much of what we think of as free will or choice is an illusion.

We are all biological machines that are programmed to survive. And to do that we NEED to sleep, eat, drink and procreate. Among many other things.

This is our basic instinctual programming that is hard wired into our very existence.

Free Will Vs Conditioning

On top of our basic level of instinctual programming we are also CONDITIONED to BEHAVE by the teachings, events and experiences we have in our lives to LEARN our place in society and to create our MAP of the world.

But the map is not THE reality. It is just OUR REALITY.

The reality we have built up BASED on those teachings, events and experiences.

And just like real maps can have inaccuracies so does our map.

Because our map maker (the conscious mind) is less than perfect.

Beliefs Vs Reality

These maps become our beliefs. Beliefs about how the world works and how we FIT into that world.

A set of beliefs built up over time become our mindset about us and the world.

And they color much of our perception of experiences and events for the rest of our lives.

Even when the maps they are based on are patently inaccurate.

Conscious Vs Subconscious Mind

Our conscious mind is responsible for making sense of our world. For mapping the coordinates of our reality as we see it. But often times it can make mistakes.

If told often enough as a child that to be confident is being big-headed then soon enough the conscious mind sees confidence as something negative.

Muhammad Ali never questioned his ability and his overly confident manner was an issue to many around him, they couldn’t stand his display of total confidence and perceived arrogance.

Why then did Muhammad Ali have so much faith and soaring confidence in himself ?

The answer of course lies within his childhood and upbringing, he was also known to be an avid user of subliminal techniques to help convince himself that he was unbeatable.

Our conditioning as children plays an important part in how we perceive the world around us, it is this conditioning that we form from an early age that becomes hard-wired into our conscious minds for the rest of our lives.

Even when we grow up and learn that in certain situations it is IMPORTANT to be confident we may find it impossible to be so.

However hard we try, nagging self-doubt will intervene and ruin our best efforts thereby sabotaging our SELF.

Will Power Vs Repetition

No matter how hard we try. No matter how solid our determination or will power to overcome such self-made obstacles no amount of TRYING will overcome our deep-seated and rooted mistaken beliefs and maps about how the world is and how we should BE. Only by using some tricks of the mind will we be able to re-program and eradicate unproductive learned conditioning. One such trick is repetition. It should come as no surprise but this is the very method used to place the original conditioning when we were younger. Repetition is the key to knowing why we feel and think the way we do and it can also be the best tool for re-learning new ways of thinking.

Imagination Vs Reality

One of the strange things about the mind is that it cannot tell the difference between what is imagined and what is real. This trick of the mind together with repetition can be used to great effect if only we can learn how to imagine and repeat things enough times to ourselves.

Imagine you are confident and free enough times and this mind trick will manifest itself into reality. Because when repeated enough times and imagined correctly the human conscious brain is bypassed and the subconscious is fed positive and liberating new trains of thought. These patterns begin to overlap and become the synergies for massive powerful and motivational change.

Affirmations Vs Subliminal Messages

Affirmations are a powerful tool for personal change. When spoken in the first person positive and as if they had already manifested they can bring about effective new thought patterns.

However, human beings are creatures of habit and laziness and it very difficult to be consistent in repeating these especially when the conscious mind rears it’s ugly head and contradicts or ridicules such statements which do not concur with its established map of what is best for you.

Subliminal positive affirmations or suggestions on the other hand bypass both these objections. Firstly, because they are ‘silent’ they are more easily ‘listened’ to repeatedly and secondly as the conscious mind does not ‘hear’ them at all, there is less objection or resistance.

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