Affirmations For Bodily Upkeep

My posture is always perfect and comfortable.
Drinking cleansing water is becoming a healthy habit.
I deserve to be fit and healthy.
My body always functions perfectly.
I love my body and my body loves me.
I always treat my body with love and respect.
My eyesight improves daily.
My body performs in a healthy way.
of the time.
I have power over my body and I treat.
My body and my Self are a team.
My body is my friend.
I am proud of the condition of my body.
I am thankful for the state of health my.
I love my body more every day.
My body retains its beautiful shape forever.
It’s easy for me to choose the correct foods.
Exercise is something I enjoy.
My teeth and gums remain healthy.
My mind works with my body.
I love to feel my body move.
My body feels and looks great.
My body responds well to vitamins and minerals.
My body enjoys healthy food for fuel.
My body responds well to physical exercise.
I deserve to be around healthy people.
My body easily eliminates toxins regularly.
My spine always stays strong and supple.
I enjoy engaging in physical play every day.
I view daily exercises as a fun activity.
All of my cells and organs are peaceful.
I deserve to have clear lungs and a strong.
I love and respect all parts of my body.
I feed my body only nutritional food and drink.
My nerves are my friends.
Every cell in my body relaxes and listens for.
I love and respect all my facial features.
My eyes are the perfect size shape and color.
My nose is just the right size and shape.
My heart functions perfectly at all times.
I appreciate my strong powerful heart.
My heart gets stronger every day.
I love hearing my heart beat.
My heart beat holds the rhythm of my being.
My blood runs through my veins easily.
My pancreas is a part of me and I.
I thank my lungs for the great job they.
My sense of smell remains keen.
Every day I become more limber.
My workout regimen provides me with joy.
I take air in my lungs easily.
The shape of my body pleases me.
I pray for my continued good health.
I relax every cell and muscle in my body.
Every day my muscles become stronger.
I truly care about the person inside this body.
I’m happy to have chosen to live this life.
I feel peace entering every cell and organ of.
My hair grows longer and more luxurious every day.
My nails grow longer and stronger each day.
I’m free from under-arm odor and sweating.
I heal my body in this moment.
I am comfortable within my body.
I’m the architect of my body and of my.
My ears hear what they need to hear today.
My eyes see what they need to see today.
I say what must be said today.
I feel at home in my body.
I enjoy getting my teeth cleaned.
I remember to go to the dentist.
I now have the body I’ve always wanted.
My hair continues to grow lush and healthy.
My body has the proper balance of all nutrients.
I retain excellent hearing.
My body is my dear friend and I treat.
It’s all right to keep the face and body.
I remember to rest when my body needs it.
My body enjoys walking and I do it often.
I learn more about my body each day.
The organs in my body behave at optimal levels.
My sinuses remain clear and functioning properly.
My body is easily able to digest all kinds.
My body is now free from receiving bug bites.
My lungs fill with air easily and fully.
I remember to moisturize my body every day.
I stay in great physical shape my entire life.
I now release my body from any sensation of.
My body is free from pain and strange sensations.
My respiratory system always works perfectly.
My nervous system always works perfectly.
My endocrine system always works perfectly.
My skeletal system always works perfectly.
My reproductive system always works perfectly.
My urinary system always works perfectly.
My hormones are always at a perfect level.
My kidneys always function properly.
My prostate numbers are always within good levels.
I thank my blood cells for delivering oxygen.
Today I thank my liver for the great job.
I remember to give myself regular breast exams.
All organs and cells of my body work in.
I thank my strong beautiful heart for pumping life.
I thank my spectacular lungs for breathing life.
My body regularly gets all the rest it needs.
My sinuses drain nicely now.
I choose to talk myself happy today.

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