Affirmations For Boss & Co-Workers

I receive praise from co-workers and friends.
My boss and I speak the same language.
I always explain my views clearly and calmly.
I trust my boss and my boss trusts me.
I’m the boss over my attitude.
My supervisor is perfect for me.
I can work at a different pace than my.
My boss sees me as an integral part of.
My good work is noticed by my supervisors today.
It’s my turn to dazzle the boss today.
I remember to thank my boss and co-workers today.
I treat my boss and co-workers as I wish.
My whole office has improved moods today and always.
I love my job and the people with whom.
The time has come for me to accept praise.
Judging my boss and co-workers is part of my.
I’m through competing with myself others and time.
I’ve decided to be a positive influence on my.
I smile and say hello to everyone I see.
I remember to compliment my boss and co-workers.
My boss now knows I can handle more responsibilities.
Seeing me through my boss’ eyes is helpful to.
It’s okay to think of my co-workers as an.
I treat my boss with respect today no matter.
I’m the kind of boss I always wanted to.
I ask God’s help before making any decision.
Criticism is of the past I choose to uplift.
I choose to astonish my co-workers by staying happy.

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