Affirmations For Career Challenges

Every day I become more confident at what I do.
I deserve to be successful doing work I love.
It’s okay to get paid for doing what I love.
My work is completed in a timely organized fashion.
The quality of my work reflects who I am.
My work gives me more energy.
I’m the one all of my colleagues trust.
I’m very organized.
My original thinking helps me in my chosen career.
My love for my work shows.
It’s okay to be great at what I do for a living.
I make a very good living.
I absolutely adore my work.
I’m on the rise to the top.
Every project I touch today works out well.
It’s okay to have a job when others don’t.
Changing careers is risk-free for me.
My work brings great meaning to my life.
Having passion for my work is natural and healing.
All of my work is acceptable.
My work flows naturally from me.
I’m an expert in my chosen profession.
My work is divinely inspired.
I easily produce error-free work.
My skills are in demand.
My career is going one way – to the top.
I’m thrilled I’ve found the perfect career that I love.
My career is an important part of who I am.
I return home safely from all business trips.
I always meet and beat deadlines.
I’m passionate about what I do for a living.
I know which direction to take in my career path.
I’m certain to reach the top of my field.
I deserve a promotion and I get it.
I easily become a successful entrepreneur now.
It’s okay to live my fondest dreams.
The work I love is also financially rewarding.
I always have pleasant work surroundings.
It’s okay to be proud of my work and myself.
I salute competitors for their ingenuity and send love.
I’m as qualified as everyone else.
I’m the right one to get the job done.
I’m constantly climbing to the top in my profession.
I make a living doing what makes my heart sing.
All work is good work when I am joyful.
I adore and am at home with my working conditions.
I’m now able to concentrate on getting my work done.
It’s okay to choose the type of career I want.
I choose the hours and working environment I want.
It’s okay to enjoy being a housewife.
It’s okay to enjoy being a househusband.
I enjoy my work and it shows.
I’m a powerhouse in my field.
I’m thrilled by the amount of work I get done today.
I remain calm while completing my work.
It’s okay to get a big high from getting my work done.
I’m doing some of my most important work ever.
I put the fun back into my work today.
I completely relax when I take time off from work.
I stay easily and calmly caught up at work.
I bring up ideas today that are appreciated.
I easily keep my focus on the task at hand.
All my business and personal tasks are fun today.
I have wildly creative ideas today.
I show myself and others my creativity and intellect.
My positive feelings toward work are catching.
It’s fun to go to work.
It’s exciting to do a job well and I excel today.
I have energy to perform all aspects of my job.
My job is an important aspect of my life’s journey.
I function well at all job duties.
I calmly complete projects at work today.
The time spent at my job is filled with joyful times.
I easily reach new levels of job advancement.
I’m well prepared now to succeed at work.
I bring my Inner Child to work with me today.
I’m devoted and dedicated to the career I love.
I enjoy excelling in my career so I do it often.
Being committed to my job brings me joy.
My job gives me a feeling of satisfaction.
I always dress appropriately for where I work.
Looking professional is an option I choose today.
I remember to eat healthfully at work today.
I easily complete my work today on time.
I’m becoming more fascinated with my job daily.
I enjoy showing my talents and skills at work today.
I choose today to be an excellent worker.
This is the day I get my raise.
In silence I receive my best ideas.
I plug into my creative energy source when at work.
I have energy to spare at work today.
I enjoy my travel to and from work every day.
I’ve decided it’s the nature of my business to be fair.
I see men and women as equals in the business world.
I’m free from all mental blocks today.
I make decisions accurately quickly with assurance.
I’m friendly when helping answer others’ questions.
I ask all pertinent questions as I receive projects.
My work speaks for itself.
I calmly voice my opinions at work today.
My office remains free of sick building syndrome.
My work and everyone’s work is divinely inspired.
I have a great future ahead of me in my career.
My work my play and my joy are tightly intertwined.
I now believe I’m the perfect person for this job.
My work is my friend and we are a good team.
Loving my work it’s what God intended.
I’m free from allowing work to overwhelm me.
I always find ways to keep my work interesting.
I am meant to finish my current projects on time.
Regardless of my profession I am treated with respect.
Regardless of my profession I treat myself with respect.
I’m in love with my work.
I’m a team player and I’m needed in my position.
I work well alone and my boss trusts me.

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