Affirmations For Charity Work

I salute all who give time and money to charities.
I easily find time to donate my services to charities.
I have money to give generously to those in need.
Today I discover I have a charitable heart.
I now find the perfect charity to support.
Time spent doing charity work is time well spent.
I enjoy feeling needed; charities need me.
I let God lead me to charities that match my skills.
I send love today to all people in charge of charity work.
I send love light and energy to all charity workers.
May our charitable hearts all join together in love today.
I take care of myself as I take care of my charity work.
I easily find time in my schedule for charity work.
Humanity begins to play their part in supporting charities.
Helping one another is what’s going to heal this world.
I’m able to provide hope for any who are suffering.
I have time to teach another person the joy of reading.
I help my community by offering my skills and time.
I salute all who give time and money to charities.

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