Affirmations For Courage And Strength

My courage is always with me.
I remain strong.
Today I have the courage to say hello to everyone I see.
I now have the strength to survive any disappointment.
My strength is an attribute.
It’s okay to be strong.
It’s okay to have strong opinions and to voice them.
On a daily basis I grow stronger.
I feel emotionally strong.
I feel strong in all situations.
I feel the strongest I have in a long time.
I breathe in strength.
I’m strong enough to be myself even in public.
I have the strength to face what’s happening now.
All the TRUE strength I possess comes from love.
I am strong and courageous.
I give and receive strength and comfort today.
I have the courage to wear whatever I want.
I have great moral courage.
I have the courage to show more of who I truly am.
It’s okay to act brave until I feel brave.
I have the courage now to face the rest of my life.
One of the things I love about myself is my courage.
I retain courage and bravery even into the darkest night.
When I feel uncomfortable it helps me to grow stronger.
It’s okay to choose when to be brave.
I choose to realize how brave I really am.

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