Affirmations For Depression

I now choose to be free of depression .
I let myself be depressed that I’m depressed .
I give over all my depression thoughts to the Universe .
I accept advice from God on my depression .
My depression melts as I return to this present moment .
I send the depressed part of me love today .
I choose to be free of depression now and forever .
Today I find the way out of my depression .
Focusing on the present moment lightens depression .
The present moment holds only joy .
Depressing thoughts now flee my mind forever .
Depression is a disease I give over to the Universe .
I know I can get better; today I choose to .
Elaine .
As I take a deep breath I feel my depression lifting .
I drop all depression from my consciousness .
Depression does not give me a payoff so I let it go .
Depression is an old habit I now relinquish .
I send the point of depression within my body love .
All forms of depression leave me today .
It’s okay to be depressed; I choose peace .
My depression is gone and peace now surrounds me .
I’m now living a peaceful depression-free existence .
I allow Higher Self to help me shake off my depression .
I set my depression aside for a while today .
I fully embrace my depression and allow it to heal .
Even short periods without depression are healthy for me .
I remember what it feels like to be free of depression .
I move away from depression toward joy with each step .
The time I spend on the earth plane is precious .
I choose to spend my time on earth in peace .
It’s okay to be peaceful when others are depressed .
I now free myself from having to live out my nightmares .
Depression is exhausting; I choose to be energized .
Depression and I part company today .
Depression has lost its allure; I now choose peace .
I am responsible for freeing myself from depression .
I throw water on my depression and watch it melt .

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