Affirmations For Divorce And Broken Relationships

I remain happy whether married or single.
It’s okay to be divorced.
I forgive my ex-spouse.
I heal and bless the entire divorce experience.
I’m a success at getting through this period of my life.
It’s okay to be peaceful during the divorce process.
I always treat our children with love.
I know my ex-spouse is a loving human being.
I forgive myself for getting divorced.
My ex and I are equal in the eyes of God.
My relationship with my ex is improving daily.
It’s okay to retain a friendship with my ex-spouse.
I release all negativity surrounding my divorce.
I give the relationship over to the Universe.
I have an ex who always picks up our kids on time.
I have an ex who leaves me alone when I want to be.
My ex always pays child support and on time.
My ex and I agree on the amount of child support.
I send peace love and light to my ex today.
I give resentment over paying child support to God.
However I react to my ex I’m still a good person.
I’m always peaceful when speaking with my ex.
There is a bright spirit within my ex and I see that now.
Any troubles I’ve had with my ex I release now.
I’m now free of any residual anger toward my ex.
I keep positive when in the company of my ex.
I deserve to have a friendly ex.
I’ve decided to be a friendly ex.
I’m through with anger and frustration with my ex.
The way I see my ex is a reflection of how I view myself.
I’m through with bad-mouthing my ex.
It’s okay to be happily single.
The anger I’ve held toward my ex is now dissipating.
Being single brings me great happiness.
Being a divorcee is just part of who I am.
I’m okay with the fact that my ex is dating again.
I’m through bad-mouthing my children’s father/mother.

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