Affirmations For Energy

I attract positive energy like a magnet.
Energy and strength come from my heart today.
I accept energy freely.
I extend loving energy to others today.
I keep my energy level high.
I perform with high levels of energy today.
I retain my high energy even through trying times.
I shrug off any negative energy that comes my way.
Whatever I eat gets converted to energy.
My positive energy always cancels out any negative.
My positive energy permeates everything I do.
I concentrate my energy on improving my life.
My consciousness attracts positive energy.
I walk with lots of energy and pep to my step.
Focusing my energies works well for me.
I now choose to have lots and lots of energy.
I always expend my energy well.
I draw in my scattered energies and focus well now.
I gather my energy to help me complete my project.
The more energy I give the more I receive.
I have plenty of energy for all I have planned.
I choose to abstain from creating negative energy.
All thoughts are equal I choose positive thoughts.
I stop moving and allow my body to re-energize..
Beginnings and endings share bursts of energy.
Today I choose to give energy to positive situations.
I’m now free of wasting energy.
I smile and send love around negative-energy people.
I transform any evil energy into good energy.
Some days are easier than others; all are equal energy.
I choose to put lots of energy into observation today.
I choose to be free of energy-wasting doubt.
I am energized today because I choose to be.

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