Affirmations For Entrepreneurs

I deserve to start my own business.
The fear of starting my own business is now gone.
Time spent working on my business is time well spent.
People in the community open their arms to my business.
I make new clients quickly and easily for my business.
I’m now building my clientele daily.
I easily learn how to promote my business online.
I’m great at finding just the right people to help me.
I’m great at attracting the right clients to my business.
I now find the perfect employees for my company.
I reach a profit in a very short amount of time.
I send competitors love; the Universe sends me business.
There is enough room on the planet for my company.
I enjoy the entire process of starting my own company.
I easily get any loans I need to help my business along.
It’s okay to be proud to be a business owner.
I have what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.
My confidence in my abilities grows daily.
I always treat my workers with respect and dignity.
I make a positive difference in the world with my business.
The Universe supports the growth of my business.
I easily juggle and enjoy both my business and family lives.
I feel alive and energized when working in my company.
I deserve to be my own boss.
Starting my own business helps the economy.

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