Affirmations For Fear

My fear-based thoughts are now gone for good.
It’s okay to talk about things that scare me.
I choose out of any fear-based thoughts today.
I am free of the fear of people.
I am free of the fear of failure.
It’s okay to fear facing my fears.
I choose to release any fears I have about God.
Every day I decrease my fears.
I refuse to let my courage be smothered by fear.
I catch myself before I react through fear.
I watch my fear thoughts as they fly out the window.
Insecurity and fear are notions in my past that I release.
I’m now conquering my fears one at a time.
I’m now through with scaring myself.
I ask fear to gently step aside.
Terror has loosened its grip on my heart and I am free.
Things that look frightening are truly only illusion.
It’s okay to release my fear of love.
I now let fear propel me toward love.
I now choose love and peace instead of fear.
I’ve chosen to be free from fear of the dark.
I deserve to be free from failure.
I am fearless.
I happily relinquish all fear-based thoughts.
My life is terror-free.
I choose out of fear today and always.
My fears decrease each day.
I easily allay my doubts and fears.
Fear takes a backseat to the peace I enjoy.
I am free from all forms of fear.
I am fearless today and always.
With an easy breath I blow away my fear thoughts.
I face my fears and stare them down today.
I embrace my fears show them love and heal them.
I am free from being scared of anything.
I gain ground over my fears today.
I am free from fear of bodily injury.
I’m free from the fear of going to the dentist.
It’s all right to choose out of being petrified.
I’ve now found the tools to release my fear thoughts.
I enjoy airline travel.
I’m now free of the fear of flying.
I’m now free of the fear of water.
I’m now free of the fear of heights.
I’m now free of the fear of blank.
Today I choose to be free of the fear of death.
I release any fears that I have about myself.
It’s okay to admit that I’m scared and find my fears.
I put fear in its place and myself back in control.
Today I use faith to conquer my fears.

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