Affirmations For General Health Concerns

I can easily digest all types of foods.
My body is and will remain cancer-free.
My body is and will remain disease-free.
With every breath I become healthier.
I remain healthy throughout my entire life.
It’s okay to be zit-free.
I deserve to have smooth wrinkle-free skin.
Any pains I’ve had now disappear.
I remember to take my medication.
My sense of smell is keener each day.
I am free of migraines.
I am free from allergies.
I am free from any aches and pains.
I remain free from Alzheimer’s.
I remain free from Osteoporosis.
I remain free from cancer.
I remain free from AIDS and HIV.
Diseases flee from my body.
My immune system strengthens daily.
I am free from any heart diseases.
I release any and all cholesterol problems.
My cholesterol level is at a perfect number.
I release my diabetes to the Universe.
I possess a healthy outlook on life.
Remembering to thank my organs brings me joy.
My joints are moving easier each day.
Any ailments I’ve had I release in this moment.
I release from my Being any signs of allergies.
My cell structure changes for the better daily.
I enjoy perfect health throughout my life.
I feel completely healthy today.
I release any residue of a headache.
My head feels clear and pain-free.
I am free from any physical discomfort.
I’m now free from any kind of headaches.
Migraines are part of my past that I release now.
My eyesight returning to.
is becoming a reality.
Any throat problems I’ve had are cleared up now.
I am free from suffering from heartburn.
I relax my body and migraines quickly go away.
I easily meditate away any migraine symptoms.
My stomach acids are always normal.
My stomach remains calm today.
The iron in my blood is now at a perfect level.
Every moment I become saner.
I easily release insanity from my mind.
My body responds well to medication.
My digestive system works perfectly at all times.
My elimination system works perfectly at all times.
I’m now free from manic-depression.
Tension headaches are part of my past.
I digest all food quickly and easily.
I’m free from all health problems today.
I relinquish the desire to use illness to get attention.
I’m now free from carpal tunnel and its symptoms.
It’s okay to pamper myself when I’m sick.
It’s okay to pamper myself when I’m well.
I focus on my health and how good I feel.
I’m finished with focusing on my illness.
My tension headache is disappearing; bye headache.
I know everything is curable.
My blood pressure is now returning to normal.
I’ve now chosen to outgrow my allergies.
I choose to be free from stuttering.
My body is now producing fewer gasses.
I’m now free from a condition called insomnia.
I’m now free from any kind of phobias.
I’m now free from carpel tunnel.
I’m now free from fibromyalgia.
I’m now free from Hepatitis.
I choose to end any internal wars and battles now.
My physical state is improving daily.
I ignore my doctor’s death sentence and live.
I live healthily and joyfully my entire life.

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