Affirmations For General Skills To Improve

Every day I’m getting better at math.
Every day I’m easily able to spell with more accuracy.
Every day I move with more pride and confidence.
I choose to be more intelligent and so it is.
My vocabulary increases rapidly and easily.
My typing speed is increasing every day.
I balance my checkbook quickly and accurately.
I’m becoming more physically coordinated every day.
My handwriting is becoming more legible every day.
I’m more graceful in all of my movements now.
I’m getting better and better at public speaking.
I remember jokes and relay them well.
I’m getting better at figuring out how to fix my hair.
Putting make-up on is now a skill that I do well.
I remember to breathe as I did when I was a baby.
I’m learning how to sew and getting better every day.
I can learn anything I set my mind to.
Every day my art skills improve.
I’m a wonderful singer and I do it with gusto.
I’m qualified to be an excellent driver.
Cooking is a form of relaxation and I enjoy it.
Every day I become a better cook.
My reading speed and comprehension increase.
My grammar improves daily.
I resolve now to spend more time at the library.
I’m becoming a better swimmer every day.
I’m good at putting things together.
I can repair household items quickly and easily.
I’m finding learning new languages easy and fun.
I’m doing well learning how to play an instrument.
I thank God that I can read and write.
I know today I’m capable of fixing anything.

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