Affirmations For Goals

My goals are becoming manifest.
There is plenty of time to accomplish my goals.
I use all the tools God has given me to reach my goals.
Accomplishment of my goals is part of my reality.
I commit myself to my goals.
It’s logical for me to believe I can achieve my goals.
God knows my goals and helps me to achieve them.
I lay aside old goals and replace them with new goals.
My major goal is to show the Universe my TRUE essence.
My goals go along well with my destiny.
The goal to survive is a good goal.
One goal today is to make it through the day.
I choose to live to see my children respect my views.
Goal setting becomes easier for me every day.
I set goals that challenge me and that I happily achieve.
I enjoy being focused on my goals and on the moment.
It’s time to reach for the goals I’ve set for myself.
My goals and motivation make an unbeatable combination.
I have the necessary passion to accomplish my goals.
My goals are clearer to my consciousness every day.
I enjoy making reachable goals; all goals are reachable.
I keep my eye on my goals and ignore obstacles.
I have a deep inner knowing that I’ll reach all my goals.
I am totally committed to the completion of my goals.
All goals are within my reach.
I commit myself to my goal and things begin to happen.

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