Affirmations For Grief

God showers healing upon me in these times.
I forgive anyone close to me who has died.
Mourning is a part of life and I’m surviving.
I’m willing to get on with my life.
I’m now discovering new strengths in myself.
I give my grief over to God now and always.
It’s okay to take time to grieve.
I pamper myself while I heal.
It’s okay to be angry at having to grieve.
I’m through grieving and move onto other emotions.
It’s possible to intersperse happiness in grief.
I choose to be happy today.
Grieving is tiring; I ask for and receive extra energy.
I get lots of rest during these times as I need it.
I’m hanging in there which is okay for now.
It’s okay to feel overwhelmed and hide under the covers.
It’s okay to forget about what life was like before the loss.
I remember what my life was like before the loss.
I choose to feel my loved one’s presence today.
I continue emotionally living as I am still physically living.
I wrap myself up in God’s healing arms today.
Grief lives in the past; the present holds only peace.
I relinquish this overwhelming sense of grief and loss.
Grieving takes time; I give it the time it needs.
I feel the angels holding me as I grieve today.
My tears are cleansing and it’s okay to shed them.
I continue to look for the rainbows after the storms.
I place a high price on my mental sanity today.
I give myself a break today.
I relax and let all the feelings come out today.
When people ask me how I feel I can handle it.
I feel the strength hidden inside the weakness.
I’m able to give a spiritual hug to my loved one today.
Emotionally and physically I’m stronger today.
I feel the spirits who are helping me with grieving.
Grief takes on many forms and I accept God’s help.
I easily experience closure when events in my life end.
I deserve to take special time for myself now.
It’s okay to grieve for the way things used to be.
It’s okay to grieve for all perceived losses.
It’s okay to heal my grief today.

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