Affirmations For Healing Of The Planet

We are all on the same side which I remember now.
There is enough food for everyone to eat.
There is space on the planet for everyone to live richly.
Today I show the world the light in me.
I’m proud to be part of a community of loving souls.
I pray for fewer and fewer global accidents today.
I pray for less and less global anger today.
I enjoy being a part of my world.
I have faith in the future of the world.
I’m dedicated to the cause of world peace.
I pray for increased good-will between countries.
I have faith in the goodness of mankind.
I choose to notice the good in people today.
I choose to see a kind and loving world around me.
I consciously give love and positive energy to the world.
I choose to see my brothers and sisters as equal.
My world is a place of beauty.
I help humanity one heart at a time.
I’m committed to making the world a better place.
I extend my essence of love and joy to the planet.
I join with my sisters and brothers to save the world.
My part in saving the world is an important one.
There is much good in the world and I accept it.
My honest opinion is useful to the planet.
How I perceive the world is up to me.
I love taking care of my environment.
I have faith in the goodness of others.
I remember to recycle.
Recycling has become an easy habit for me.
I care about the future of the planet.
My contributions to the planet are vital for its success.
My environment and I get along very well.
Cleaning up the planet is part of my job on Earth.
I join the world in a prayer to repair the ozone layer.
I remember to send energy and peace to others today.
This is the year we overcome the homeless challenge.
Today I send energy hope and love to the homeless.
When I hear a siren I pray for everyone involved.
The sun moon stars and planets are my friends.
My world has an abundance of love trust and compassion.
I trust the ultimate goodness of humanity.
I join the world in praying for a cure for AIDS.
I see the world extending love to people with HIV/AIDS.
I love all my fellow humans.
I am on the side for peace.
Since I know hate breeds hate I send love to prisoners.
I join the world in saying a prayer for TRUE world peace.
I join the world in saying a prayer for world prosperity.
Being a part of the solution is fun and exciting for me.
There is something I can do to help the world situation.
This country is well on its way to repairing past mistakes.
The economy in my world is improving daily.
Visualizing world peace is an act I perform daily.
I visualize my love and energy extending to the world.
Any work for peace and goodness is worthwhile.
I have a loving community that supports me.
I send love from my heart sweeping over the planet.
The time has come for world peace and I’m helping.
Today I pray for hungry children everywhere.
The love I feel for humanity is catching.
I wish abundance onto all of humanity.
I send love energy and peace to everyone.
The planet needs my help and I give it now.
I support and trust my local police officers.
Today my neighborhood remains free from violence.
I send love to storms to diffuse their power.
I hold great respect for farmers and their families.
My love is helping to heal the world.
I support all those who are working for peace and love.
I pray today for all who are endangered species.
I send love and light to all my foreign brothers and sisters.
I help clean up my environment each day.
The hope I have for the future of the world is contagious.
I pray today for all people considering ending their own life.
I pray today for all people considering ending another life.
I send love and healing to racial hate groups today.
I continue to bond with the human race.
The world and I are constantly evolving.
My faith in people grows each day.
The beauty of the world reveals itself to me.
I treat street people with love and respect.
I join the world now in a prayer for those known as bums.
People are inherently good in my world.
I communicate with the stars the planets and the air.
I communicate with the earth and the water.
My world is now free from wars.
The whole world is rising up to its potential and so am I.
This disease called AIDS is now being globally cured.
My eyes reflect the love I feel toward humanity today.
My heart is full of unconditional love towards all.
I choose to connect with humanity today.
Through my eyes I see a beautiful world.
Competition no longer exists in my world.
I reconsider my views on the death penalty.
I reconsider my views on hating those who hate.
I send waves of love through the atmosphere.
It’s time for me to pay attention to my environment.
I have a responsibility to humanity to stay peaceful.
I contribute to the positive changes of the world.
I’m now co-creating a world of equality.
I choose to bolster the peace movement today.
I help stop the creation of new diseases.
I see the beauty in people and in my environment.
My world has a new powerful loving understanding.
Positive thoughts in the world form a synthesis today.
I choose to trust my fellow humans more each day.
It takes only a moment to alter the energy of the world.
I pray for all news events in the world.
I do my part to heal the world today.
I send my earth home nurturing love and healing today.
I share the best of myself with the world today.
My mind firmly holds onto the idea of world peace.
Let’s all join together and give the world a healing kiss.
I choose to pray today for the hearts of terrorists.
I choose to believe in a world of honest police officers.
All the police officers in my world are trustworthy.
I believe that advertisers are becoming more honest.
Today I choose to pray for the condition called acid rain.
I now create the environment in which I wish to live.
I can create anything in my earthly environment.
I’m now living in an enlightened society.
My love is having a sweeping effect over this country.
Teachers are some of our biggest assets.
In this moment man creates cures for all diseases.
I choose to believe in Earth day everyday.
I live in a world where we are all committed to love.
I send love to all who feel they must prostitute their bodies.
I send love to all who feel they must prostitute integrity.
Today I choose to live in a crime-free neighborhood.

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