Affirmations For Healing

I accept healing energy from the Universe.
I accept God’s healing for me and my family today.
Revealing my past to the world is okay and healing.
It’s acceptable and healing to nurture myself.
I deserve to be healed.
It’s okay to be radically and miraculously healed.
In this moment I recover to my former good health.
I believe in miracles beyond all doubt.
It’s okay to give myself time to heal properly.
I choose to heal my childhood dramas today.
Old mental scars are now healed within my mind.
I believe in deserve and anticipate my healing now.
I choose alternative healing today in place of medication.
I choose to let my wounds be healed today.
I locate the point of my pain and visually remove it.
I visualize my arthritis crumbling into dust today.
I visualize clear pure liquid flushing toxins from my body.
I am my own best emotional healer.

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