Affirmations For Holidays And Birthdays

I enjoy getting a year older.
I remain cheerful during all holidays.
This birthday all my wishes come TRUE.
I enjoy having birthdays.
I celebrate my birthday giving to others.
As birthdays come and go I remain young.
I spend a portion of my birthday in quiet reflection.
I have done a good job so far with my life.
Christmas is a time to communicate with my Creator.
It’s a good time to communicate with my Creator.
I enjoy all facets of the Christmas season.
I love to celebrate Kwanza with my loved ones.
I enjoy the Hanukkah season and the love it brings.
I find perfect gifts for all the people on my giving list.
This holiday I take time to enjoy the season.
During the holiday season I have plenty of time for me.
I remain calm and joyful during all holiday gatherings.
I’m now free from worrying about holidays.
The day I was born is a day I always enjoy.
I was born at exactly the right time in history.
It’s okay to get birthday wishes and presents.
I remember birth dates of all my friends/family/relatives.
This holiday I choose to help those less fortunate.
I start New Year’s sending and receiving peace and love.

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