Affirmations For Homeowner Challenges

I take care of all home improvements beautifully.
My pipes always remain in perfect working order.
It’s fun to paint my house when it needs it.
My house and I are forming a new close bond.
My home shelters me from the cold and I thank it today.
It’s great to have a place of love to come home to.
I’m now free forever from having to pay rent.
It’s easy for me to find the perfect home for my needs.
I now find the home I can easily afford.
I now have a real estate agent that I trust.
I now have the money needed for my closing costs.
I have a real estate agent who looks out for my interests.
I now sell my house for the full asking price.
I have the knack of making any place I live feel like home.
I see my open house going smoothly.
Interest rates continually drop reaching a good number.
The offer I make is instantly accepted.
Moving to my new house goes very smoothly.
The house I’m buying is in very good shape.
I send love to all my major appliances.
I deserve the perfect house for my wants and needs.
I see myself easily making my house payments.
All decisions I make with confidence.
Keeping my house in tip top shape is part of the fun.
I bless my home and it blesses me.
I respect my home and the energies it contains.
My home always keeps us safe and loved.
I am grateful for our wonderful home and treat it with love.

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