Affirmations For Hospital Stays And Doctor Visits

Doctors are my friends.
My doctors and nurses always treat me with respect.
My hospital stay is very short and sweet.
My insurance covers every part of my hospital stay.
My insurance covers every part of my doctor visit.
My insurance covers every part of my prescriptions.
I like and respect the doctors in my insurance plan.
Visiting my doctor is a pleasurable experience for me.
I’m free from seeing my doctor as a God.
I now need doctors less and less.
The money I pay my doctor is always reasonable.
My doctor bills are always well within my means.
This hospital is well staffed.
I find the perfect doctor for my needs.
My stay in the hospital is pleasant and quick.
All my nurses treat me very well.
Doctors in this hospital have my best interests at heart.
It’s okay to need therapy and counseling.
My therapist understands and helps me.
Needing mental help is okay.
I’m free from being ashamed of getting mental help.
It’s alright to choose to have plastic surgery.
I leave this hospital even better than when I came in.

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