Affirmations For Infertility

Every day my ability to conceive children increases.
All of my bodily organs are functioning perfectly.
My body now grants my request to conceive.
My body continues to become more fertile every day.
All questions I have about infertility are easily answered.
Should I choose adoption the process goes smoothly.
I make the right decisions for me.
I have many options and I choose them carefully now.
Answers to all my questions are given to me by God.
I allow the stress in my life to recede.
I have the ability to be a terrific parent.
Conceiving a child brings me great joy.
I deserve to be a parent.
I deserve to conceive a child.
My doctors and I work well together.
My partner remains understanding through this process.
I can easily afford fertility treatments.
Infertility is a word I’ve eliminated from my vocabulary.
My infertility is in my past and I release it now.
I accept the miracle of birth for myself.
I believe in myself and know I’ll successfully conceive.
I deserve to hear the patter-patter of my baby’s feet.

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