Affirmations For Landlords And Neighbours

Affirmations For Landlords And Neighbours

My landlord and I think alike.
I’m able to communicate with my landlord very well.
I stay calm when speaking to my landlord.
My landlord is me in another form.
There is a beautiful spirit within my landlord.
I enjoy visiting with my landlord.
My landlord and I easily solve any disagreements.
I always get along with my neighbors.
My neighbors and I share many good times.
I feel good about the way I treat my neighbors.
How I treat my neighbors is the way they treat me.
I’m glad to have friendly happy neighbors.
It’s okay to trust my neighbors.
I deserve to have wonderful neighbors.
My neighborhood is filled with kind generous people.
I deserve to have wonderful landlords.
When my neighbors succeed I succeed.
I’m invited to all neighborhood functions.
I choose to love my neighbors.
I feel safe in my neighborhood now.

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