Affirmations For Learning And College Students

I get good grades in any classes I take.
My study habits improve daily.
I’m proud to be working towards a degree.
Going to college is a dream I’m making a reality.
I enjoy studying and learning.
I’m always well prepared for every test.
I’m now free of nightmares associated with school.
Studying is now easy for me and I do it well.
I’m able to study and learn under any circumstance.
I choose today to make a new friend to study with.
I love to learn and it comes easily to me.
My time spent studying is time well spent.
I arrive on time for all my classes today and always.
School is an exciting important part of my life.
I’m thrilled with the opportunity to be a college student.
Realizing I’m fortunate I make the most of college.
It’s easy for me to choose my major and I do it quickly.
I take classes right for my major and make great grades.
I have people willing to help me through my college years.
My living arrangements suit me perfectly.
I always have enough money for everything I need.
I get along well with my teachers.
I learn quickly and joyfully all throughout my lifetime.
I remember to learn something new each day.

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