Affirmations For Legal Complications

Affirmations For Legal Complications

Legally I’m very secure.
I release any and all legal complications to the Universe.
Whenever I need them I have great attorneys.
There’s always an attorney that meets my needs.
I decide what to do with legal issues.
It’s ultimately my decision whether I want to go to court.
My day in court goes very well.
Today I convince the judge/jury of my innocence.
My wish to be free of any legal complications is granted.
I relinquish legal complications from my life.
It’s okay to refrain from ever having to be in court.
When chosen for a jury I handle my job well.
I enjoy being part of a jury and I do it well.
I believe the legal system is becoming fairer for all.
I send love to anyone involved in legal complications.
I trust my lawyer completely and my lawyer trusts me.
I raise my consciousness when it comes to lawyers.
Lawyers are my friends.
My guardian angel and my lawyer’s speak frequently.
All of my legal matters are only temporary.

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