Affirmations For Loss Of Job And Looking For Work

Today I find the most fabulous job of my life.
I now visualize myself in the perfect job for me.
It’s okay to be out of a job.
I am a wonderful person regardless of my job status.
When looking for work God provides me with strength.
I choose to find work quickly.
It’s okay to find my perfect job quickly and easily.
The first impression I give is always a positive one.
My resume and correspondence are always professional.
The time I take to job hunt is time well spent.
Yes I do have the energy and desire to job hunt today.
Every career move I make turns out to be a positive one.
I’m filled with positive vibes about today’s interview.
My interviewer is nervous too; I send us both peace.
I feel secure in the new job that I’ve just received.
I choose to be well liked and respected in my new job.
I fearlessly speak my views when leaving my job.
It’s okay to burn bridges; God builds new ones.
My career is right on track.
I let God pick my job for me now.
My working hours fit in perfectly with my lifestyle.
The amount of hours I work is exactly what I want now.
I’m proud of the way I get up after being knocked down.
I take a deep breath and find a new job today.
I deserve to find the perfect job for me.
I am worthy of obtaining employment.
The interviewing process is what I do well.
I make favorable impressions when interviewing.
When it comes to employment I know what I want.
I have all the qualifications I need to pursue my career.
Career decisions are best made by God and me.
The world always provides a job for me.
I’m highly employable.
I go into each interview well prepared.
My positive energy shines through during my interview.
All my auditions go very well today.
God has found the perfect job for me and I accept it.
It’s okay to be fired.
Even good people get fired.
It’s easy for me to find the job that I love.
I easily ask for the salary I desire and I get it.

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