Affirmations For Love

It’s always the perfect time and place for love.
I extend love easily and regularly.
I bask in the love from humanity.
I am joyful and loving for now and forever.
My heart overflows with love and acceptance.
Love is my powerful friend.
I am thankful for love and acceptance on all levels.
Today I commit myself to spreading love.
I remember to tell my family “I love you”.
I remember to tell my partner “I love you”.
I enjoy giving and receiving love.
I love what I am.
I love the way I act.
I love and accept all of me.
There is a never-ending flow of love around me.
I move gracefully in the world today.
I feel love being extended.
I accept all displays of love today.
It’s possible to be confident and loving and I am.
Today I choose to speak lovingly to everyone.
My love for life is apparent today.
I’m very affectionate and loving.
I love myself always and completely.
I love what I’ve become.
I love what I haven’t become.
I love myself for treating others well.
I love myself for treating myself well.
Loving myself is easy for me now.
Loving myself means I’m able to love others more.
Deciding to love myself is a good decision.
I let my love for myself increase each day.
My self-esteem grows in proportion to my self-love.
My attitude about loving myself is contagious.
When I extend love others notice my radiance.
I always live with myself so I have healthy self-love.
The more I love myself the better my overall health.
I mentally and physically caress and cuddle myself.
I relax into the process of mastering self-love.
I always come from a loving place when I speak.
Today I start loving myself more.
I believe it when people tell me they love me.
It’s okay to publicly show affection and love.
I deserve to be loved for who I am.
I love every aspect of the life I’ve been given.
I express my views clearly and with love today.
I choose to love the place in which I live.
I send love and success thoughts to my competitors.
I believe I’m very lovable.
I now am more loving to all my so-called enemies.
I take hatred and I turn it into love.
Waves of love wash over me today.
It’s heartwarming to know people love and support me.
I easily express my feelings of love today.
I’m very much in love with life.
My greatest improvement is my extending of love.
I send love to the elderly in this moment.
I treat the elderly with respect and love today and always.
The love I send out today stems from my energy source.
I am in a constant state of love.
My heart has the ability to ceaselessly send forth love.
My overwhelming motivation is love.
I have the means to love the entire world.
I am here to love.
My heart opens up to receive all love.
I feel an abundance of love and send it back out.
My love flows to all who need love.
I deserve to be treated with love respect and kindness.
I choose to believe in the power of love.
I apply love generously to each situation today.
When I allow it to be love is always enough.
I know people want love and I give it willingly.
I walk softly and carry only love.
I live in a world filled with loving caring people.
My inner child receives my love today.
It’s okay to feel loved.
I am very loving.
I love humankind.
I love spiritkind.
I love myself unconditionally.
I love others unconditionally.
Loving myself comes naturally to me.
I stand for love.
My love is free from being circumstance-dependent.
Loving humanity feels natural and familiar.
Today I choose to love more.
I do for others as it expresses my love.
When I extend love I receive love.
I’m able to continue to love myself.
I remember to be loving today.
I love who I’m becoming.
I love my life and all who are a part of it.
I am.
pure love.
I love every facet of my life.
I love every facet of my existence.
My attitude today reflects the love within me.
My time loving others is well spent.
I bask in the feeling of peace and love.
I accept love from others.
I have complete unconditional love within me.
Everyone I see today needs love and acceptance.
The people in my life all realize how much I love them.
When there’s a retaliation method I choose love.
Finding the love in others is on my agenda today.
I love every part of what makes me what I am.
I am love incarnate.
It’s okay to expect and receive love and support.
I learn more about what love means today.
Today wherever I perceive hate I shower it with love.
I’m very devoted to promoting my own position of love.
Love is becoming more predominant in our culture.
Today I identify another person’s need for love.
I give love freely today.
I choose to perform acts of love and kindness today.

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