Affirmations For Men

I always use my chosen birth control method.
I still feel like a man when doing the dishes.
I don’t claim to understand my wife I just love her.
My courtship with my wife continues our entire lives.
Males are magnificent.
Females and males are equal in truth.
I’m proud to be a man.
My masculinity is part of me.
I’m free of any male stigmas.
I’m a prince.
I’m the most handsome man in the Universe.
I’m aging very well.
I have many male and female friends.
I remain free of prostate cancer my entire life.
My girlfriend is a remarkable woman.
Men of all shapes and sizes are handsome.
It’s okay that I’m losing my hair.
I remain sexy when my head is balding.
There are plenty of good honest women in this world.
I’m a very lucky man.
I’m a remarkable man.
My partner is a remarkable person.
I’m a man of my word.
My scalp continues to grow hair my entire life.
I’m free from feeling I have to act like a big boy.
I now have a wonderful woman in my life.
I have an equally high opinion of women and men.
I am free from female-bashing now and always.
I am free from male-bashing now and always.

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