Affirmations For Mental Performance And Focusing

My mind is sharp.
I always think powerful creative thoughts.
I have an excellent memory.
I easily think of creative ideas.
I am focused on success and happiness.
I see and create opportunities for myself with ease.
I think clearly at all times.
My thoughts are lucid clear and coherent.
I always come up with brilliant ideas.
I use my mind to focus on what I want.
I stay focused on what is resourceful.
My mind is filled with thoughts of peace happiness and success.
My intelligence is increasing every day.
I learn new things easily.
I like to challenge my mind to grow and become sharper.
My powers of concentration are excellent.
I easily remember and retain important information.
My mind functions at a high level.
I am creative and intelligent.
Clear logical thinking comes easily for me.
My capacity to learn is unlimited.
My mind is nimble sharp and open.
I am solution focused at all times.
I know what I want and focus my mind on it.
I use my focusing ability to make mental images of what I want.
I focus on the positive.
My mind always thinks of healthy resourceful ways of living.
My mind quickly develops new ideas.
My mind easily grasps new concepts.
My mind effortlessly generates exciting and creative ideas.
My mind constantly scans for new and healthy opportunities.
My mind is open and clear.
I perform at a very high mental level.
I can focus my mind in whatever way I wish.
I easily memorize anything I study.
My mind is filled with energy.
New challenges are always resolved by focusing on what I want.
I possess all the answers I need in my mind.
My memory is outstanding.
I can access all memories with ease.
I easily focus in on the task at hand.
I am mentally disciplined.
I use my study time wisely.
I learn new things quickly.
I am a fast learner.

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