Affirmations For Metaphysical And New Age

I always use my chosen birth control method.
I still feel like a man when doing the dishes.
I don’t claim to understand my wife I just love her.
My courtship with my wife continues our entire lives.
Males are magnificent.
Females and males are equal in truth.
I’m proud to be a man.
My masculinity is part of me.
I’m free of any male stigmas.
I’m a prince.
I’m the most handsome man in the Universe.
I’m aging very well.
I have many male and female friends.
I remain free of prostate cancer my entire life.
My girlfriend is a remarkable woman.
Men of all shapes and sizes are handsome.
It’s okay that I’m losing my hair.
I remain sexy when my head is balding.
There are plenty of good honest women in this world.
I’m a very lucky man.
I’m a remarkable man.
My partner is a remarkable person.
I’m a man of my word.
My scalp continues to grow hair my entire life.
I’m free from feeling I have to act like a big boy.
I now have a wonderful woman in my life.
I have an equally high opinion of women and men.
I am free from female-bashing now and always.
I am free from male-bashing now and always.
I have come well prepared for this life.
I deserve total peace and enlightenment.
I experience life on the earth plane to its fullest.
I’m easily able to release my attachment to conflicts.
Everything holds meaning yet nothing holds meaning.
It’s okay to let people’s harsh words bounce off of me.
My fellow humans are my dear brothers and sisters.
There is a light in me.
The light inside me shines love and acceptance to all.
I deserve to remember who I am.
Today IS the rest of my life.
I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to experience Earth.
I consciously guide my energies.
Forever is a concept I’m beginning to fathom.
I understand why I’m here.
Great truths are revealed to my consciousness today.
I am now shown my limitlessness.
I own all of my experiences.
I am a miracle.
I consciously choose the treatment I will accept.
I absorb energy from my Source constantly.
I trust myself to remember all that I’m here for.
I remember we are all one.
The time has come for me to change my reality.
Meditating helps me to make sound decisions.
I remember to meditate every day.
I deserve to find time in my day to meditate.
I choose focus on my heart today.
I choose to set aside the ego in this moment.
I am calmly ignoring the ego.
I give away my power to me and only me.
The old me and the new me are friends.
My search for enlightenment is successful.
My expectations of myself and others are diminishing.
Let the world call me crazy I know who I am.
Everyone I meet is me in another form.
So-called authority figures and I are equal in truth.
I lovingly release to the Universe attack thoughts.
The person I most want to be like… is myself.
The person I would most like to meet… is myself.
When I speak to someone I am speaking to myself.
I deserve to rid myself of limiting beliefs.
I choose out of high drama encounters today.
I choose what I feed my mind.
The goodness within me comes forth now.
My soul loves freedom.
I invite all friendly spirits to share my existence.
I relinquish my feelings of hopelessness.
I choose to follow divine guidance.
I’m who I need to be in this moment.
I am peacefully going beyond the limits of the ego.
I easily and regularly outtalk the ego.
I’ve given up all attack thoughts.
I remember to meditate regularly.
We are all equally divinely inspired.
My life’s teachers are all around me.
I commit myself to my life.
I allow all good things to come to me today.
My likes and dislikes belong to me and are okay.
I feel I’m a part of something bigger than myself.
The time of making excuses for my actions is over.
It’s okay to admit my psychic tendencies.
I am love.
My greatest wish is to be more myself.
Wherever I go I meet beautiful spirits.
I remember I’m able to make conscious choices.
I’m able to see auras clearer every time I try.
Reading other people’s energy is natural for me.
Reading my own energy is natural for me.
I’m able to center my energies very rapidly at will.
I listen to my inner voice.
I’m free from letting the ego taunt me.
I relinquish all violence from my consciousness.
I accept emotional and spiritual healing today.
I tap into my vast internal knowledge now.
I feel upbeat and refreshed after meditation.
I consult my inner self when making decisions.
My time on Earth is spent constructively and joyfully.
I own my own reality.
I am whole and complete.
I deserve to be free from limits.
I deserve to be free from judgments.
I am here for a great purpose.
Every breath in is a choice for life.
With every breath I become more enlightened.
It’s okay to speak my truth.
Everything is coming together for my highest good.
My past has served its purpose and I easily let it go.
I easily let my future be and flow joyfully to me.
I live in the present and I easily let it be.
Every day I become freer of illusions.
Guidance is given to me constantly.
I receive guidance readily.
I easily make choices for my higher good.
I now feel worthy of accepting my inheritance.
I am an exquisite creator.
Saving myself is saving the world.
Today I choose to open up my mind’s eyes.
I see others through my spiritual eyes.
Tomorrow is now and I choose to live in this moment.
Today I choose to be fully aware.
I’m here for the experience.
I choose to relax and tune into my inner voice.
I choose to transcend karmic law.
Insights are equal in truth.
I’m as important as Jesus Buddha and other masters.
I choose present-moment awareness.
I’m free from the need to wear masks.
I’m here for sensational experiences.
I’m directly connected to my energy source.
Today I remember that I am pure consciousness.
It’s okay to let any evil spirits leave my consciousness.
I use ordinary words to explain extraordinary happenings.
My time on planet Earth is precious and I treasure it.
My spirit has its own fountain of youth and it springs forth.
I allow my spirit to fly free today.
I gain the strength I need from my spiritual energy source.
There is room in my mind for all that I choose to learn.
I see the totality of my Being today and always.
I am free from the concept that I am only a body.
Within the light there is understanding; I choose the light.
I pat the ego on the head and send it away today.
I invite the light.
Truth corrects all my mind’s errors.
Today I choose peace over any illusions.
At the center of my existence is love.
I have compassion for all as I am part of all.
I awaken to my TRUE self today.
I choose to now easily detect the presence of angels.
Every day I discover new pathways in my mind.
I focus on my consciousness and am energized.
Enlightenment has reached my consciousness.
I have everlasting peace while I’m still in this body.
The angels and I work together to save the world.
My core Being seems deeply hidden yet is right here.
I am free of the belief that I am fragmented from God.
I am part of the Oneness and as such I am everything.
I am instantly centered in this moment.
Take my desperation Holy Spirit.
I choose to ignore insults and send the bearers love.
I play tag with my angels; I think it’s my turn to “be it”.
Whatever happens I remain centered.
Who I am is more important than what I do.
I now transform the meaning I give to the items in my life.
My beliefs contain power; I choose carefully what I believe.
I choose to dissolve any insane thoughts that arise.
I enter very deeply into my own spirit now.
It’s okay to make incremental steps toward enlightenment.
I’m liberated from feeling separated from my Creator.
My life is filled with miracles and revelations.
I am willing to be awakened from this dream.
I am responsible for what I do and what I think.
The memory of God is within each one of us.
I choose to continue to make conscious choices.
I choose to be filled with energy love and light today.
It’s my turn to discover a bread crumb today.
I forgive myself for when I listen to the ego.
I forgive myself for being fooled by the ego.
I loosen my grip on having a desired outcome.
The nudge from my spirit guides feels natural.
I now tap into the knowledge I possess.
My time on Earth is precious and I treat it as such.
Activities take on a whole new flavor when I remain aware.
I now choose to shift my perceptions towards joy and love.
I’m now comfortable following my bliss.
I easily and joyfully follow the urgings of my Inner Self.
My ultimate proof of love to the world is to be myself.
Seeing myself in others is uplifting and educational.
All people have chosen to be part of my consciousness.
I have the courage to feed my inner self instead of ego.
It’s okay to have my own private sanctuary.
I surrender to my higher power now in this moment.
My thoughts join with the thoughts of enlightened masters.
I choose to have angels play a major part in my existence.
I take away the ego’s power over me today.
I am my TRUE self today.
I deserve to rub noses with my angels today.
I choose to free up any images that I’m in any way wicked.
I watch my thoughts as they float by today.
It’s okay to experience psychic messages regularly.
Defending myself is a thing of the past for me.
Once I set the ego aside I begin to see my life change.
dramatically for the good.
Following advice from the ego seems silly now.
I release myself from ego’s trap.
I now have the faith to believe in miracles.
I choose only the actions that are best for my higher self.
The angels applaud my transformation today.
I feel exhilarated when I give myself time to meditate.
I choose to let go of trying to make things happen today.
I choose to mentally align my chakras today.
Today I choose to spend time in awe of my Creator.
My spiritual routine is a time of tremendous joy for me.
One who shares my deepest desires is my Inner Teacher.
I trust the voice of my own Inner Teacher above all others.
When in doubt I look inward.
I discover new insights about my thought processes.
It’s okay to discover startling insights about myself now.
I discover the core of my being.
Today I choose to live my life by conscious choice.
All that matters is what I choose to do with this moment.
Today I choose to solve my problems using my soul.
I choose to be influenced only by my Inner Teacher.
I believe in the unlimitedness of the Self.
I am completely available to the present moment.
I trust the guidance my small Inner Voice reveals.
I now choose to believe pain is the illusion that it is.
I choose to realize I need to be awakened.
I’m done feeling anxious and rejoice within the moment.
Bringing my thoughts to the present moment is a habit.
I feel centered and balanced now and remain this way.
I am only at the mercy of my thoughts about myself.
I take this current moment and alter it forever.
I change this current moment into one of joy.
I choose the reality of my happenings.
True freedom is when I listen to my Inner Voice.
Today I choose to relinquish outward attachments.
Today I remember my TRUE eternal home is Heaven.
Today I choose to exercise my telepathic powers.
Today I look beyond any human error to the divine within.
I choose to pay special attention to my inner child.
I choose to sing a duet with my inner child today.
I notice all the miracles that surround me today.
I let go of expectations and make room for joyful surprises.
I choose to release my tight hold over outcomes today.
I’m in the presence of the Divine.
Miraculous things happen today.
I choose to breathe in the giggles of angels today.
I know a miracle when I see one and I always see one.
I relinquish competitions with my sisters and brothers.
I let awareness change the mundane to miraculous.

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