Affirmations For Minorities And Race Challenges

Racial slanders bounce off of me.
African Americans are my friends.
Caucasians are my friends.
Native Americans are my friends.
Polish Americans are my friends.
Mexican Americans are my friends.
Asian Americans are my friends.
Americans are my friends.
People of all races are my friends.
People of all countries are my friends.
All countries contain my brothers and sisters.
I choose to now be free of the term minority.
I find the color of my skin brings me great joy.
I see all of humanity through rose-colored glasses.
We are all the same; I remember that today.
Equality is color blind.
I believe the world is now freeing itself from racism.
We are all too smart to believe in and support racism.
I choose to send love to all races and colors today.
Feelings of equality are spreading throughout the world.
I am an example of how to treat others as equals.
My decision to be racially color blind suits me.
I love my beautiful brown skin and I treat it with respect.
My olive complexion is beautiful and admired today.
I thank God that I have healthy colorful skin.
When I see others I only see the bright light of their spirit.
Being part of a minority makes me feel special.
My status as a minority is only part of who I am.
The color of my skin is beautiful.
I love all of me including the color of my skin.
My talents are far more than skin deep.
Discrimination tendencies are in my past and I let go.
Prejudice is a word that is now out of my vocabulary.
I choose to be free of all prejudices.
I’ve chosen to refrain from racial slander.
I make friends within all ethnic groups regularly.
I’m able to meet people from many different cultures.
I communicate well with people from different cultures.

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