Affirmations For Money, Prosperity And Wealth

I deserve to be wealthy.
I deserve to make [insert desired dollar amount] per year.
I am wealthy.
I can easily afford anything I choose to purchase.
I can easily afford to pay all my bills.
I am calm and happy when paying my bills.
I remain calm every time I think of the bills I owe.
I calmly figure out ways to pay my bills.
I deserve money to buy all the things I need and want.
I deserve to be a happy millionaire.
I deserve to remain a happy and calm millionaire.
It’s okay to be rich when others are not.
There is plenty of money for me.
I deserve to have the energy of money.
Money is innocent.
I choose to experience my great wealth.
It’s okay to talk about money.
I enjoy finding money.
I remove any mental obstacles to my wealth.
I am self-sufficient and I love it.
I’m through from having to get help with money again.
I am self-sufficient starting NOW.
I enjoy going to the bank.
I receive checks in the mail on a regular basis.
I enjoy giving and receiving money.
I choose to change my ideas about money today.
I’m able to speak calmly with bill collectors.
Should creditors call I gently explain my situation.
Bill collectors are people too.
I have enough self-worth today to talk to my creditors.
I claim my wealth and happiness.
I have decided to be wealthy.
Financial possibilities are all around me.
Financial stability is mine for the taking.
It’s okay to be my age and be financially stable.
Financial success is now mine.
I deserve to have an exceptionally good credit rating.
I easily get any credit problems cleared up quickly.
Receiving bills is okay.
I trust myself to pay all my bills on time.
I am free from ever having to worry about money.
It’s easy and fun to figure out my budget.
I stay within my budget very well.
I spend and live within my means.
I am now making [insert desired dollar amount] per month.
I am calmly enjoying being very wealthy.
I deserve to remain wealthy.
I deserve to enjoy being wealthy.
Wealthy people can be happy.
It’s okay to be wealthy and happy.
It’s okay to make more money than my parents.
It’s okay to receive money from strangers.
It’s okay to receive money from friends.
I bless and heal all my money situations.
I deserve great wealth.
There is enough money for everyone to be wealthy.
It’s okay for me to receive my share of wealth.
It’s okay to get unexpected money.
It’s okay to receive money and to spend it on myself.
I can easily support myself.
I can easily support my family.
It’s okay to accept money from my parents.
Saving money comes easily to me.
My ability to pay my bills reflects how I see myself.
I’m determined to increase my wealth today.
Changing my money habits comes easily to me.
I have fun organizing information for income taxes.
This year my income taxes are figured quickly and easily.
I enjoy the entire process of figuring my taxes.
I stay calm when preparing my income taxes this year.
I start my tax work sooner this year than last.
I’m free from ever having a tax audit.
I receive a hefty sum of money back from the government.
I have my income taxes done by reliable accountants.
I feel in control of my tax preparations this year.
When preparing my taxes I’m calm and productive.
When asking a bank for a loan I’m immediately approved.
I have excellent credit and am approved for any loan.
Repaying my loans is easy for me.
I now visualize my bank account funds growing rapidly.
I visualize my wealth increasing today.
I learn quickly the best ways to invest my money.
My earnings are always increasing.
I’m able to save a good amount of money each month.
My savings accounts are increasing rapidly.
I’m balancing my checkbook better each month.
I’m now free from what is known as bouncing checks.
Whenever I need or desire money it appears.
Today I choose to increase my wealth in all that I do.
My financial budget allows me to buy all that I want.
I easily pay off all my debts.
It’s okay to be suddenly rich.
I’m financially able to give gifts to my friends and family.
There’s a big possibility that I will be a millionaire.
It’s okay to be rich and famous.
It’s okay to want to have more money.
I now have an ever increasing annual income.
I now double my earnings each month.
I’m helping myself to my assets.
It’s okay to be more financially secure than my friends.
I’m breaking the credit card habit.
It’s okay to talk openly about money.
I deserve to wear expensive jewelry if I choose.
I deserve to wear designer clothing if I choose.
It’s okay to accept gifts of money from unknown sources.
When necessary it’s okay to be on financial assistance.
When necessary it’s okay to accept unemployment.
I deserve to make [insert desired number] dollars per hour.
My earnings increase with amazing rapidity.
Always having plenty of money is a luxury I now acquire.
I’m learning about purchasing stocks and do it very well.
My investments pay off at an alarmingly high rate.
I choose to do more than make ends meet now.
I’m comfortable receiving checks through the mail.
I can spend all my available cash there’s always more.
I have total control over my investments.
I have the ability to understand my finances.
Figuring my finances is now a joyful experience for me.
I’m now circulating money in a positive way.
I choose to be free of all debts from this moment forward.
I choose to be free from poverty now and always.
I now love the rich the poor and everything in between.

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