Affirmations For New Day & Morning

I enjoy waking up early.
Whatever happens today it remains a wonderful day.
Every morning that I wake up I’m a better person.
I feel better when I get up early.
It’s my choice and I’m choosing to get out of bed.
I observe some silence in quiet preparation of my day.
I start this day with peace joy and understanding.
I relax into my new day.
I expect and have a glorious day.
I expect good things to happen today and they do.
I always immediately wake up joyful and refreshed.
I wake up on time easily without any alarm clock.
I enjoy waking up to a new day.
I look great even first thing in the morning.
I always awaken completely refreshed.
This day unfolds beautifully for me.
I lay all worries aside before beginning my day.
Today is an exceptionally good day.
I have a wonderful time today and it’s a wonderful day.
My attitude determines the outcome of my day.
The minute the alarm rings I completely awaken.
Each day of my life is a new beginning.
It’s a wonderful day and I’m anxious to get out of bed.
At any time during this day I can begin the day anew.
I’ve decided to have a glorious day today.
I wake up early in the morning refreshed.
I gladly get out of bed ready to start the day.
Today I choose to begin my day with inspiring thoughts.
I step into my day fearlessly with faith and confidence.
I know I can make this day anything I choose.
This day is untouched by negativity I keep it that way.
I set lots of small goals for myself today.

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