Affirmations For Parents, Kids And Family

Time spent with my children is fun.
It is possible to spend relaxing time with my children.
Raising happy optimistic children is an important job.
However my children turn out I know I’ve done my best.
My children are in God’s hands so I know they’re safe.
My children are precious to me.
I easily sort out conflicting feelings about my parents.
I feel like a grown-up even when around my parents.
My trust and support bring out the best in my children.
I give guidance to my children with my words and actions.
My children are being influenced by my lifestyle.
I’m a good role model.
I’m taking the time to listen to my children.
I am learning when to keep silent.
I am a valuable teacher to my children.
I’m watching my child’s body language as he/she speaks.
I always perceive my children as precious to me.
My family is a source of continued joy.
I’m continually becoming closer to my mom.
I’m continually becoming closer to my dad.
Every day I understand my mom more.
My family supports me in all I do.
I’m anticipating a fun visit with my parents.
It’s okay to disagree with my parents.
It’s easy for me to talk to my children about sex.
My children and I communicate well on all subjects.
I am unaffected by my children’s whining.
I can believe differently than my parents.
I now free myself from my parents’ opinion of me.
Regardless of actions my parents think I’m a good person.
Regardless of how I act I know my parents love me.
My parents’ visits always seem short and sweet.
Our family sticks together through all times.
The respect I have for my parents remains constant.
My children always return safely to me.
I’m tender when dealing with my children and their needs.
I always make the right decisions concerning my children.
I include my children in some of the decision-making.
I teach my children the values I wish them to retain.
I decide against yelling at my children today.
My grandparents are important and I visit them often.
When my children ask me questions I’m always patient.
I remember to let my children speak their minds.
I set a good example for my children.
My kind words help to bring the family together.
My family eagerly shares household chores with me.
Asking my family to help around the house works well.
When dealing with my kids I have a very long fuse.
I always know the most loving way to reprimand my kids.
My children are free from the threats of gangs.
My love for my children helps them to refrain from gangs.
I’m able to afford instructional classes for my children.
I enjoy helping my children with their homework.
I’m smart enough to help my children with their homework.
I have beautiful healthy happy children.
I easily discuss sex and birth control with my children.
I communicate well with my children’s teachers.
I always take good care of my children.
I teach my children with patience and love.
I’m mature enough to be a good parent.
I have patience with my kids no matter what.
I let my children work through their problems today.
I understand what my children are going through.
I feel what my children are feeling today.
I’m always available for my children when they need me.
Deep inside I know my parents love me.
Deep inside I know my children love me.
It’s easy for me to keep in close contact with my relatives.
My family accepts me as I am.
My friends accept me as I am.
I’m continually loved by my family.
My family and I always remain safe.
I’m able to retain my positive attitude around my parents.
It’s okay to retain my individuality around my kids.
It’s okay to hold beliefs different from my parents’.
I enjoy spending time with my parents.
My children are sweet and precious to me.
My children are a joy to me.
I have a wonderful family and it’s a wonderful day.
I find hidden treasures within the hearts of my loved ones.
I’m an integral part of my family.
I enjoy watching my children play.
My children are gifts from God.
God has entrusted children unto me to lovingly raise.
Soon my children will move on I show them love now.
I choose this day to enjoy my children’s presence.
I always create a comfortable environment for my family.
I love to watch my children becoming more independent.
My family friends and I are all receiving abundance now.
I deserve to see joy on my children’s faces.
I monitor the television shows my children watch.
I’ve decided how very important my family is to me.
It’s okay to be adopted.
My parents love me in their own way and I release anger.
Being adopted is part of my path.
I bring up my children to be caring loving and joyful.
I have confidence in my kids’ strength and coping abilities.
I’m a safe place for my friends to come and openly share.
I’m always proud of my parents.
I’m always proud of my children.
I treasure the time I spend alone with my children.

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