Affirmations For Patience

Affirmations For Patience

I choose to be patient with and kind to myself today.
My patience is an attribute.
I have much patience and understanding.
I possess deep patience.
I now have the patience I’ve admired in others.
Today I stay patient through all things.
I have patience to spare.
I find the time to be patient today.
I am the epitome of patience.
I am patient with myself and others today.
Patience is my middle name today and always.
I’m patient with allowing myself to forgive myself.
Patience is easy when you’re living in the moment.
I give all patience and time thoughts over to God.
I am patient with my lack of patience.
I remain patient in all areas of my life today.
I’m patient with myself and my insecurities.
My patience is wearing thick.
Life is a test of my patience and I pass with flying colors.
Patience and I are now good friends.
I appreciate the patience of others today.

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