Affirmations For Peace, Joy And Happiness

I am always safe and protected.
Peace embraces me today.
I’m happier than I’ve ever been.
I deserve to be peaceful.
I deserve to be serene.
It’s okay to be happy.
It’s okay to say I’m happy.
I give myself permission to be relaxed and happy.
With every breath I become more peaceful.
Peace surrounds me in all that I do.
The more love and peace I extend the more I receive.
I continue to be happy.
I deserve a peaceful life now.
Living brings me great joy.
I spread joy with every step I take on my journey.
It’s okay to choose to be happy.
It’s okay to share my happy experiences with others.
If others share happiness with me that’s okay.
I deserve to be totally happy.
I can share my joy with others.
Helping others brings me great joy.
I am happy now in this moment.
I concentrate on thoughts that make me happy.
I am happy and well-rested.
Joy is an emotion I choose to feel often.
I choose to live happily ever after.
I find joy in even the littlest things in life.
To retain my joy I give it away.
I deserve to be around happy joyful people.
I feel peaceful and joyful.
I am happy and content in this moment.
It’s alright to shine with happiness.
Bathing gives me peace and comfort.
I am guilt-free about being happy.
I create peace and harmony for myself.
The fact is I’m happy.
I accept peace into every facet of my existence.
I prove to myself that my happiness is here to stay.
I float along happily in my world.
I choose to live a peaceful life today.
It’s okay to be happy when others are not.
I choose to remain calm today no matter what.
I breathe in peace.
Choosing to be happy is always okay.
I’m happy; hooray for me!.
The bottom line is I’m peaceful.
I am happiness and I send forth happiness.
I prove to everyone that it’s okay to be peaceful.
I depend upon only myself for my happiness.
It’s a happy world and I intend to be part of it.
Happiness and I get along very well.
I give myself permission to be happy.
It’s a great joy to experience life.
I’m happy because… I say so.
I’m happy with the way my mind works.
I choose to have a calm and peaceful demeanor.
I’m extremely happy with myself and with others.
I have the power to make myself happy.
I let peace penetrate every cell of my being.
I am relaxed and happy and so is everyone around me.
My life is wonderful and I share my joy with others.
I trust myself to remain happy today.
Remaining happy and positive benefits me and others.
My day is filled with happy surprises.
I live my life in peace.
There’s always another chance to be happy.
Every day I discover more of what makes me joyful.
I see myself as having a calm relaxed personality.
I resonate with power peace and love.
My dominant thought is peace.
I give myself permission to be happy and successful.
Reading brings me great joy.
Laughter is contagious I spread some joy today.
I accept all kinds of news with peace and an open mind.
Happiness is a culmination of a lot of little things.
I’m happy now in this moment which is all there is.
I’m driven to become more peaceful daily.
I plan to stay peaceful today.
Peace cascades through me like a waterfall.
I enjoy the basic joys of life.
My joyful feelings last forever.
I’m very happy to be here.
Today I prove to myself that I can be peaceful.
I pay attention to the joy that surrounds me.
It’s okay to be happy for no particular reason.
All my life stories have happy endings.
My mind is made up; I deserve to be happy and joyful.
Being happy and calm helps my complexion.
I enjoy seeing the people in my world being happy.
I dilute my deep thinking with lots of laughter and joy.
I reap what I sow and I sow peace and love.
I am grateful and constantly at peace.
I’m determined to stay peaceful today.
It’s okay to be deliriously happy.
It’s a joy to hear children’s laughter.
My reaction to life is one of pure joy.
The decision for peace is always the right decision.
Forever happy and peaceful that’s my choice.
Peace descends all around me now and always.
I’m happy to be who I am where I am and when I am.
I am happy in this moment and for all time.
In this moment I choose to experience joy.
I’m now happy and well adjusted.
It’s okay to feel peaceful about having power.
I’m dedicated to being happy today.
I’m extremely happy with the superb choices I make.
I’m very happy to be involved in this thing called life.
I breathe in peace and a new intelligence now.
I am by every stretch of the imagination happy today.
Today I choose to feel the rewarding feeling of peace.
Being happy is a decision I’ve made today.

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