Affirmations For Politics

The government and I get along very well.
I choose to be more politically aware this year.
When choosing a new president I choose with confidence.
All political parties now come together in peace.
I’m now free from being afraid of politicians.
It’s okay to express my political views.
I choose to be free of resentment toward political figures.
I choose to be politically aware now.
I refuse to believe in a corrupt political system.
Loving people are taking a more active role in politics.
I’m a loving person so I take an active role in politics.
Any political views I express I express with love.
I send light and energy to all government officials.
Honest souls are being voted into government now.
I feel the world coming together to work for world peace.
Political figures are becoming kinder and smarter daily.
I continue to pray for all political figures on a daily basis.
It’s okay to have different political views than my parents.
It’s okay to have the political views that I have.
I can afford to have my individual political opinions.
I calmly listen to the political opinions of others.
I write my congressperson on issues I care about.
I send energy peace and clear thinking to politicians.

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