Affirmations For Pregnancy

I enjoy feeling new life growing inside me.
I’m now free from morning sickness.
I only gain the amount of weight I choose.
My pregnancy remains free of any complications.
My baby is growing correctly and is healthy.
I treat myself very well while I’m pregnant.
It’s okay when others pamper me now.
It’s okay when I pamper myself now.
My body is free of stretch marks and remains that way.
I’ve decided my body deserves to be treated well.
It’s okay to rest more now that I’m pregnant.
Keeping a healthy body weight is easy for me.
I’m thankful I’m able to have children.
I enjoy being pregnant.
The entire birthing process is fun and exciting.
My unborn baby and I are forming a bond already.
It’s easy for me to eat healthy foods for me and my baby.
I remember to take my prenatal vitamins.
My pregnancy is a joy to me.
Watching my body fill with a child makes me happy.
I get plenty of vitamins and calcium while pregnant.
Being a mother is a reality for me.
I’m thrilled to be a part of experiencing new life.
My baby’s life is precious so I treat myself well.
My life is precious so I treat myself well.

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