Affirmations For Rape And Abuse

I send love and energy to all abused women and children.
I let go of any past abuse I’ve suffered.
I become more beautiful to myself every day.
I am now free from ever being sexually harassed.
The world is free from any kind of sexual harassment.
I’m free from feeling ashamed of being raped.
I transform hate for my attacker to love today for my sake.
My heart goes out to those who feel the need to attack.
I send love to my attackers as love breeds love.
I can transform my feelings of anger to compassion.
I have many who support and love me.
I am able to feel clean again.
I release myself from feeling the attack was my fault.
I release myself from feeling like a victim.
I ask myself today what I learn from this attack situation.
I pray today for my attackers and for myself.
Today I choose to find others who understand how I feel.
Support groups help me find my way again now.
Thank God for all people willing to lend love and support.
Even now I see the genuine goodness of humankind.
I still believe there is good in everyone.
I accept the miracle of feelings of forgiveness.
I ask for and receive miraculous healing today.
I’m beginning to be able to trust men again.
I pray for the attacker in all of us.
May we all replace attacker tendencies with love.
I relinquish the negative energy behind my molestation.
Today is the day I heal from any sexual molestation.
I am free from feeling like a freak or alone.
I’m free from hatred toward my sexual attacker.
I reclaim my power after my sexual molestation.
I choose today to stand up and say NO.
The Universe supports me in my decision to say no.
The Universe supports me to be free of abuse.
I choose to be free of abuse now and always.

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